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As we move further into the Salvation in TRUTH process we are asked to release and to allow the unfolding of the new in our everyday human life experience.  Much has shifted and expanded over the course of the past linear 12 months at all levels of this my human life experience and I am now guided to alter and to expand the information and support that is offered via Releasing Eden.

We cannot remain static within the process if we are to fully embrace that which is then placed at our feet. It has been a very emotionally intense release, much like a caterpillar reaches a point that it must resign being a caterpillar and go into a cocoon so too must we enter this phase.  As this phase is lived it is akin to breaking down and reconstructing the very fabric of our human life experience in TRUTH.  We will hurt, we will feel anger and we will feel fear as this is what we have been conditioned to experience but in feeling these "familiar" feelings within the process we begin to understand that we have a choice.  Our Father, Our Creator YHWY will stand with us and encourage us to move beyond the feelings and step forward.

Releasing Eden has been a process like no other.  It is not a "shinier" version of the previous TRUTH Codes work it has been a transformation.  As such the way in which the material is presented will now shift and alter also.

We are not here to merely watch "Rome burn", we are not here to watch helplessly as Lucifer now goes into overdrive because we are already warned and it has already been foretold the times that we are currently living within.

Releasing Eden is no longer focusing on the disintegration but will now focus on the laying of the foundation that is required by all who are called by our Creator YHWY. The foundation of course is LOVE IN TRUTH but this has been falsely referenced through various constructs and have become the hurdles that humanity must overcome in order to reach understanding in TRUTH.

Christ died for us on the Cross, not so that we also remain on the Cross, that we remain in suffering and pain and separation but so that we could follow Him BEYOND THE CROSS, through the death of the "old self" and into Life in TRUTH itself. One of the greatest hurdles we face is that of "self" for it does not belong to us, it is used repeatedly as a weapon against us and in order to defeat it we must remain fully surrendered to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ.

For it is Christ who makes us new, it is Christ who reveals who we are in TRUTH and it is Christ who facilitates our emergence from the chrysalis, for the process must be complete before the butterfly is even born.Revelation 1:18(KJV) I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. KX

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