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Updating and relocation thru TRUTH

For many the last 24 linear hours have been unlike anything experienced before, a sense of detachment that has been slowly rising and gathering momentum is now expanding. This is the separation of the frequency bandwidths within the vibrational patterning. Frequency and vibration are two very different things and we can view them akin to an X axis and a Y axis. In order to move beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth" it is necessary to expand beyond the X and the Y axis.

We can view the outer waking reality as being 3 dimensional but this 3 dimensional view hides all that is seeking to remain. So we turn around within the frequency and vibration spaces that are created within the skull matrices and we can move around. We can step BEHIND things, BESIDE things and ABOVE and BELOW things, we are not just kept to the third dimensional views that the human vehicle is restricted to within this dimensional space.

We can view this akin to sitting in a vehicle whilst simultaneously being able to have an aerial view of the outside of the vehicle AT THE SAME TIME. This allows us to see beyond the BLIND SPOTS that keep humanity enslaved to patterning and behavior.

WE ARE asked at this time to adjust to this as for some it can be breath-taking, for others it can nauseating as suddenly there is more to see, it can be information overload which is why Wider Creation in TRUTH is steadying us thru the skull matrices and asking us to slow down and simply take in the VIEW.

As we get used to the extended and deepening information we are able to make movement that our old third dimensional vision would not have permitted us to undertake.



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