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Upgrading and expanding in TRUTH

At this time, WE ARE acknowledging and releasing ANCESTRAL TRAUMA. This will see us held in the warm embrace of AA Jophiel until we give up what this angel demands we give up. We may hit periods of INTENSE FRUSTRATION working closely with this angel. It has a purpose, and its purpose is to aid us in healing that which we cannot see. Ancestral trauma is held deep within our DNA and is triggered unconsciously at various stages of our human life experience. It remains hidden due to the unconscious waking mind persuading us that as we are who we are that the past is somehow disconnected from us.

This hides the trauma, but the patterns can be seen clearly when the angel comes to work with us. We begin to look at family members and begin to see the patterns of what they live from generation to generation. This is a MASSIVE clearing and leads to expansion that is beyond anything that we have experienced before. You may need to find time to sleep more often, to rest and to let it flow. Food is a trigger for this and there may be times when you suddenly have a craving for a food stuff but cannot get hold of it. Believe me when I say that the angels have ways of making sure we avoid stuff that is not going work for us!!! Our relationship with eating and drinking will change as we go thru this intense period. Remember our patterns of eating and drinking were laid down when we were born, and our parents simply continued the patterning that they had gone thru. As we release the patterning, we release the behaviors associated with it.

This is an intense period and one that may bring us to tears, but tears are healing and once we see the actual suffering is SELF PERPETUATED, we can then allow the angel to remove it from within us. WE ARE entering another season, and this is again hidden by the outer waking reality using a calendar that does not reflect TRUTH.

WE ARE asked to allow the flow, to take care of ourselves and to honor the process. WE ARE protected, WE ARE deeply loved, and WE ARE moving further into a process that we began when we began to awake.


Karen x

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