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Using TRUTH as a navigation tool

Our emotional landscape is that which we sail upon in this our human physical vehicle and it is vital that as we begin to take control of our journey that we use the correct navigational tools.  There are a myriad of options when it comes to this but there is only one tool  that sees us cut through all the illusion and able to set sail on a DIFFERENT sea than the one that we born into.  TRUTH is a compass that is hidden fully to humanity, we are provided  with various tools to navigate the old earth construct/matrix by our human physical bloodline.   These tools are given to us or even passed down to us upon our physical birth.

We are taught how to view the world, how to react to the world and how to walk in the world but what remains hidden to us is the "world" itself.  We are not existent in a solid, stable outer waking reality, it is fluid and its fluidity is linked to our internal emotional landscape.  Its is from this landscape that our human physical life experience manifests. How we FEEL is the tool that darkness uses to move us around our internal landscape and our human eyes do not see anything other than the reflection of this internal emotional landscape.

The glass half full or half empty hides TRUTH because we have to take an opposing viewpoint in order to reach either.  The glass and the liquid within it JUST ARE it is our emotional response to said glass that gives us the insight into the emotions that we deny in our choices.  At this time the emotional landscapes are being drained in order that we can stand upon dry land and in order to do this we must begin to use the tool of TRUTH for without using it we will simply sail back and forth and our human logical mind will feed into said back and forth.

TRUTH does not change, but our emotional reactions to that which is presented to us DOES and all that is created within the old earth construct/matrix is based on emotion.  As the human race has become increasingly emotionally compromised the triggers have gotten more and more strong. From headlines that are emotionally triggering to the constant bombardment of social media that we must do X or do Y in order to be living "live to the full".  What we miss in all this is who we are in TRUTH.

We are not that which is presented to us in the outer waking reality, the old earth construct/matrix is akin to alice in wonderland, we can seek to invent ourselves and to follow that which our human logical minds says that we must follow in order to become who we THINK we are but that does not make it TRUTH.   We are so far from the root of who we are in TRUTH that many have simply given up in the search and settled for the version that they feel most comfortable.

It is said that it is human nature to "find ones self" but in seeking to find we become lost as the old earth construct/matrix was created to prevent any finding at all. We are lost in a hall of mirrors using only the reflected shadows to navigate. There comes a point in the expansion in TRUTH process where must stop looking in the mirror because we do not require to any longer. This stage of the process is very challenging for we live within a construct that seeks to have us believe at face value and in doing so separates us from that which will actually show and reveal to us who we are in TRUTH.

We may have gone thru various emotional trauma in our human life experience, we may have experienced loss after loss and our human logical mind may then make the very wrong assumption that somehow we are a failure.  Add to this the intense social media conditioning that seeks to tell us that if we are not following or do X or Y we have somehow missed the boat and the entanglement gets stronger.

It is not human nature to search for our origin in TRUTH, it is heavily conditioned human nature to reject who we are in TRUTH for favor of an easy navigation within this dimensional space. We will find when the TRUTH begins to sink in that we reject that which is revealed, denial prevents any movement out of the old and into the new because denial sets up a lukewarm reaction. In essence denial is akin to sitting on a spiritual fence.  As we can make no inroads whilst refusing to take any action we continue to tread water and this becomes very exhausting indeed.

We are conditioned for example that life has to make sense, continually we will find that the more life does not follow a linear line and does not appear to make any sense we will begin to reject it and will actively attempt to restore some order. As TRUTH JUST IS and follows no linear pattern we will continually be out of step with TRUTH itself if we fall to the logic and reason that rule this dimensional space.

Take for example the conditioning that to find a partner we have to follow a set of rules, this is currently being imposed upon humanity in the form of online relationships. As emotion is non linear and non logical this sets us up for a construct of illusion with all involved assuming and therefore denying.  Why does the younger generation place so much emphasis on connections that have no depth? because they are not actually connected to anything beyond the human logical mind. To connect in TRUTH we require to have a heart to heart connection but if this is kept behind a series of algorithms we remain within our human logical mind.  This sees us set sail on a sea of illusion straight away.  Further editing on social media plays to the emotional reactions that we have to said illusion and because the connection is not done at heart level it becomes superfluous.

How can humanity spew so much hatred within itself if it had a real heart connection to itself?  because it is kept at human logical mind level with the mind seeking to protect the already damaged emotional landscape.  This allows us to accept war, to accept poverty and to accept division because in order to impose order and control and "sense" the human logical mind separates. Without it arranging the outer waking reality into said imposed order it ceases to make sense therefore it is rejected.

We can seek to connect using all the advanced technology in the entire universe but the deepest and strongest connection will always be a heart to heart connection and the old earth construct/matrix knows this, it is why it was designed the way it is. To prevent the navigation using TRUTH and to prevent deep connections.

What we have is a manifestation of separation and division and it is hidden to the vast majority of humanity who fall to the illusion of 4 thousand facebook connections as anything other than a virtual interface of their emotional landscape.

The blurring of the outer waking reality using technology is a deliberate attempt to keep the separation not only in effect but to seek to cause more and more damage to the emotional landscape itself and have the mind accept that somehow we are alone and misunderstood in this reality. Nothing is further from TRUTH but we cannot validate this when we are enslaved to the logical human mind. The mind will destroy before it repairs for it has one purpose and one purpose only, to keep the separation intact.

It is our heart space that sees us understand beyond the illusion, it is our heart space where our connection to TRUTH IS and from where we set sail to new horizons. The further we move from logic and reason the more sense that this entire human life experience makes but we will be held ransom to logic and reason by those around us who are triggered by this movement. The greatest policing that ever occurs is internal, it is not dependent upon border control, conspiracies or the "elite" the slave master lives internally, it is called the human logical mind and it is permitted to take over each and every time we are triggered by our emotions.

Many attempt to "solve" this puzzle (the human logical mind loves puzzles, this is how it hides its control) by separating further and attempting to use logic and reason and in doing so cause more and more internal damage to themselves. It is LOVE in TRUTH that is the key to the internal doors and only LOVE in TRUTH can go beyond all and every and any perceived restrictions.  At this time the internal policing is now being addressed and we are asked to remain within our heart space, choosing and accepting that LOVE is our salvation and logic is our enemy.

We did not come here in this our human form to be a slave to logic and reason, we came here to experience being human and humans were designed to LOVE, without LOVE in TRUTH we have no reason to exist whatsoever, the entire point of living is to LOVE in TRUTH and we are held to ransom by the human logical mind when we fall to the lies that love hurts.  It only hurts because logic and reason stabbed us thru the heart in revenge for attempting to move out of the ordered way that the old earth construct/matrix demands of us.

For those who have ventured into the LOVE in TRUTH frequency you will recognize it for it is eternal.  Logic and reason is finite, it has a end point and at this end point is a huge sign that states "nothing exists beyond here", is is one of the greatest lies ever told to humanity and at this time is being challenged fully by the human evolution process.

It is LOVE in TRUTH that saves, it is LOVE in TRUTH that endures, it is LOVE in TRUTH that comforts, it is LOVE in TRUTH  that expands and it is LOVE in TRUTH that is the only answer in TRUTH to the question "who am I and why am I here?"

At this time we are asked to accept TRUTH to new levels and to side step the conditioning that states we have somehow betrayed ourselves by choosing our heart over our human logical mind. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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