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Using TRUTH in a context of TRUTH

We are navigating using tools that will soon become very familiar to us but we go thru a period of practice first of all. We have a skill set that we have simply forgotten in our incarnation into this our human physical vehicle. We are now given practice and physical experience of these tools and we are held very firmly as we tentatively begin to align with Wider Creation in TRUTH. In the recent podcast I explained that using Wider Creation in TRUTH tools involved using TRUTH, without TRUTH present the tools simply remain inactive. That which can cause deep illusion is our human logical mind which often assumes TRUTH.

We can have all the facts and figures available but if something is NOT TRUTH then it cannot be taken into Wider Creation in TRUTH no matter how we have dressed it up in our human mind. This is something that many will trigger and fall to because there is so much deception within the Old Earth Matrix itself. It is context that aids in TRUTH, so we may be asking is something TRUTH and using the entirely wrong context. We are held in place until we can understand how the context is being altered and then we are given guidance on how to address the issue.

This sees us now standing facing humanity and aligning more fully with ORION and Wider Creation in TRUTH. We are remembering who we are and WHY we are and this is something that births thru us, we cannot fail at what we came here to BE because who we are is why we are. The human logical mind does not accept this, within the dimensional space referenced as "earth" there is much emphasis put on "what do you want to be" and then we are heavily conditioned to make something happen. This of course goes against the natural flow and fluidity of TRUTH, who we are JUST IS, but we have hidden who we are from ourselves because we are so busy trying to be that which is demanded of us.

Conditioning in the form of society, culture and family demands is that which triggers our losing of who we are in TRUTH. We can therefore try our hardest to be what society demands that we are and face an uphill struggle, this indicates that the fluidity is not there and that we are in the wrong context and we are trying to be something that we are not in TRUTH.

WE have to align fully with our creation purpose and this is revealed to us as we dissolve the barriers to TRUTH. We do not have to re invent ourselves, this is a common illusion that many fall to, its not about trying to be something we think we are , its dissolving all the barriers that have prevented us from understanding who we are and why we are.

As explained in the podcast we require to come out of stasis and become fluid, as we do so this will trigger many around us who sense the change in stasis and because they require STATIC MARKERS in which to live and navigate their lives they will attempt to stop our fluidity. But TRUTH JUST IS.

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