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Walking in the SHIMMER in TRUTH

As we begin to embrace the Crystal Kingdom and work closely with the crystals themselves then we begin to harness the LIGHT that is emitted from said crystals. Yesterday I blogged in more depth about Rhodochrosite (AA Gabriel 144,000 blog, Gold Subscription) and Selenite.

Rhodochrosite is a crystal that is used to balance and strengthen the heart space. We can view each crystal as a special message from the Crystalline Kingdom. It is "frozen" in place until we begin to work to access the message. It is by resonating with the crystalline form itself that the "freeze" begins to thaw and we can access that which is there for us.

As all is energy and all is frequency and vibration we must RAISE our frequency in order to work at this level. This is done thru the connection to the Archangels which begins deep within our heart space. As we open the door to the deep heart space and converse with the Archangels they help us raise our frequency. This is an expansion and balance at all moments of all moments.

At this time the crystal collective is calling to the 144,000 because of the messages that require to be accessed and delivered. It is to be remembered that crystals are used in the building of technology, so using crystals to deliver messages is akin to logging into the universe laptop and downloading the emails that are sent from Creator thru Christ.

The log in details are found deep within the heart space, the access if for our eyes only because each one of us has a personal log in access code. As we now begin to look up and to understand that Creator thru Christ is asking us to call "home" we will now begin to understand our human physical life experience in a different context.



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