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Walking in TRUTH along the narrow path

It can be daunting to attempt to alter the waking human life experience, our human logical mind springs to life and attempts to have us in an almost "bunny in headlights" situation.  Where do I start? What do i do? How do i know what to do? Will people reject me? Is this another false path?  All these and more are natural reactions to the stepping forward to receive Salvation in TRUTH process.

It is to be noted that these questions affect everyone within humanity no matter what path they are attempting to walk upon.  So what is the difference between the walk on the narrow path and all other paths?  The difference of course is TRUTH, our Creator YHWY will actively and very physically validate the narrow path.  Our walk with Christ is like no other walk, illusions are torn down and understanding is placed within our heart space and digested through our human waking logical mind.

This of course is in direct contrast to other paths where we may have found that we accepted things in our human logical mind FIRSTLY.  Often walking the narrow path will have us in doubt, it is a human trait, one which Lucifer cultivates and we will find times when we are on our knees begging for some sort of sign or confirmation that we are indeed on the correct path.  What Lucifer cannot do is bring miracles to the human life experience, darkness is a destructive force even when masquerading as light it will divide, it will separate and it will cause friction.  We do not have to "fight" our way along the narrow path, fighting is an indication that we have indeed stepped OFF the narrow way.

Christ came in order to show TRUTH, He did the hard part FOR US.  We are not required to remain nailed to our personal crosses, this is a very strong illusion that Lucifer also cultivates with many within humanity falling to the false teaching that we must suffer in order to follow Christ. Whilst it is true that suffering is part of the process the suffering comes when we refuse to give up or hand over our internal heartbreak, our internal pain and separation. We may agonize over decisions, agonize over understanding that which our Creator YHWY asks of us but that is due to the intense conditioning that humanity are subject to. When faced with decisions of the heart over the mind, nine times out of ten we will default to the human logical mind. THIS is where we find the agony, the constant going round in circles and trying to "puzzle out" that which we are asked in order to try to understand. We do not understand through working anything out, understanding comes from within the heart space, it is the moment the fog clears and we suddenly see that which we are blind to until it is revealed.

There is no walking in endless circles unless we step out of our surrender, this is when Christ will sit down with us, talking with us, holding us, reassuring us but He cannot make us get up and continue the journey, this is our choice and often this will be hidden due to the intense conditioning we have been subject to.

We will also be subject to the intense belief systems and experiences of those closest to us. We are not asked to drag people with us, we are asked to remain apart from them and this causes immense doubt in those who have begun the walk on the narrow path. This is due to the intense conditioning that Lucifer has placed within humanity, the belief that somehow we have to save those around us, that if we leave them behind then we lose them. We lose no one in TRUTH, we do however walk where they cannot and we must always honor their decision not to walk with us. However having said that we will find that this is not often reciprocated, we will have loved ones try to emotionally manipulate us into remaining in place, in being the same person they "know".  It is fear of the unknown that sidelines many on the narrow path, it is why it is so challenging to walk, we are not asked to place our faith and trust in those around us but in Christ, Himself.

Matthew 6:24 (KJV)

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon

Always the walk on the narrow path will bring healing to those involved, this is not often seen from the current vantage point but will be understood as the process is unveiled. We serve no one attempting to accommodate the opinions and needs of those around us above our Creator YHWY's need for us.  This remains hidden to many within humanity, we are not here to fight, we are here to serve and in serving our Creation Purpose in TRUTH we are healed and transformed.  The journey is a very personal one and no two people will ever have exactly the same experience due to it being very personal.

Prayer and trust are the main tools that we begin with.  We will then NATURALLY adapt to the new and to NATURALLY alter our behavior as we open our hearts and receive the grace of our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ.  All happens through the grace that we are gifted during the process.

At this time we are asked to remain with our feet firmly on the path as Lucifer begins his next attack on humanity through the intense conditioning that will see many in deep emotional pain and finding no solution in a world that is merely designed to keep humanity in the pain and suffering they have adapted to.

The way out is within, it is through surrender to our Creator YHWY by allowing His Son, Christ to step fully into our heart space.  As we are now bombarded with false advertising, pressured into buying items that serve no purpose other than to boost ego and to pull humanity further into a debt they can never repay we are asked to remain firm in TRUTH.  To open our heart and to open to the new in TRUTH, to spread peace and love through our actions in our everyday human life experience. To see people as people and not just as a someone standing in front of us blocking our way. In short we are asked to be KIND in a world that is harsh, unforgiving and will continue to decay before our very eyes. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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