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Walking into the Light in TRUTH

It is often when we are at the darkest places that we search for light.  When we feel that the outer waking reality poses little to no "threat" to us we tend to ignore that which we struggle with internally.  The "struggle" of course has been sold to humanity as part and parcel of the human life experience itself. There is not a human being alive that does not struggle with something such is the depth of darkness that humanity are born into.  Lucifer conditions humanity to live around the struggle, to try to blank it out and there are a plethora of different ways in which humanity do this. From addiction to anger there are a million and one ways to die slowly and this is deliberately sown into humanity. The "self destruct" is not as it sounds, the destruct is caused by the self not something that is done to self.

Let me explain this further, from the moment we take our first breath in this our human form we are molded. Our immediate care givers mold us through their actions and words, most of it is not conscious, we are adept as a species at ignoring that which is standing right in front of us. We have been conditioned to place focus externally keeping us firmly in the dark as to how our interactions affect those around us and vice versa.  The starting point is always within and it is always internal.

Addiction for example is the conditioning that seeks to have us separate ourselves from our outer waking reality whilst keeping us blind to the ties that bind us to said outer waking reality.  At this time we are now preparing for the celebration that is sold to humanity as Xmas. Already the energies are preparing,  darkness is attacking and those who carry much pain in relation to this time of year are moving into behaviors that they believe will somehow shield them from the pain that they know will come along with this celebration.

Media drives Xmas as a family event, adverts show beautiful families and smiling children but for the majority of those watching and interacting with said media nothing is further from TRUTH.  Violence increases at this time of year, emotional and physical abuse heighten at this time of year and yet everywhere we turn the media shows us the EXPECTATION that can never be achieved. It is in the chasm between expectation and our own internal emotional landscape that Lucifer reaps and he reaps everything he sows.

Far from humanity celebrating the birth of a Savior, humanity are simply herded into unrealistic expectations and forced to confront their own demons. Said demons of course are there to feed.

So how do we navigate such darkness when most of humanity will not even admit that there is darkness around them?  We must first of all understand that humanity hurt and to be human is to hurt.  The hurt of course takes many different forms and differs in its depth but the hurt is always there at a deep level. It is not possible for example to rise to anger without a hidden hurt being present, the anger hides the hurt and uses itself to justify the behavior that would not be presented otherwise.  We are asked to forgive, firstly ourselves, for it always takes at least two. This is perhaps the biggest hurdle for anyone, to admit that without their reaction then there could have been no interaction.

Many would say that they will forgive but will not forget which in TRUTH is merely paying lip service to forgiveness. When we forgive from our heart we then allow it to dissolve. To never forget is akin to holding a burning coal and that coal will begin to cause deep damage to us internally.  Lucifer seeds the negative emotions within humanity in order to keep their rebellion active.  We can seek to become this or that but if we are burning with anger and injustice internally then we are forever bound to the hurt that becomes invisible.

Forgiveness is a key that opens a door to the LIGHT, once the LIGHT can enter then the actual damage can be seen. Many within humanity want to reach LIGHT without understanding that it serves no one not to accept that there was damage within the darkness.  It is only by allowing the LIGHT to heal the damage that any movement can be achieved, if not we simply allow variations on a theme.

At this time we are asked to go within, to open our heart to the LIGHT, to allow Christ to reveal to us the hurts that we have simply allowed to sit deep within our heart, being careful to walk around them so as not to disturb them does not heal them, it allows them to be used against us by darkness. Christ will slowly dissolve the hurt, creating pathways that we believe do not exist due to the deep conditioning that we are subject to in this our human form.

Step one is to answer the door in our heart, to open the door to LOVE in TRUTH and allow Him in.  This is step one but often the most difficult step of all because we are conditioned to run from pain despite the pain being something that can never be outrun.

Healing takes many different forms, from conversations that seemed impossible to repairing of bonds that many think are eternally broken, Christ can HEAL ALL.  All it takes is one small step and then another. We are not asked to do it all at once, it is a process.

Make this celebration different, make the coming few weeks different to every other year by taking that moment to go deep within.  For as the key opens the door, the door gives a glimpse of the new that is promised AND DELIVERED through allowing LOVE in TRUTH to enter our heart space. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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