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Walking the Bridge to SELF in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to identify with that which is within us.  However that which is PLACED WITHIN US IS NOT US.  So we may start out our human life experience and think we are and then as we begin to experience more and more of the old earth construct we become more and clogged with that others expect us to be. Trying to accommodate all the labels that are given to us is exhausting.  We learn labels first and foremost, we do not generally relate to people as other people, we relate to them through the reference points that the labels we use define them as.

So we begin to distance ourselves from the inner Self and this sees us sidestep our own power.  The old earth construct seeks to disarm us through labeling.  It then relabels within the labels and we become lost in the labrynth that ensues.   Some of the labels only spring to life when we fully interact with them.  So when we are teenagers we will be given various labels that we are then expected to dismiss when we hit our early twenties and so on.  DECADES of our human life experience are also defined for us. So we find ourselves reacting through the label of age as well as the labels of what we do for a living, how we are related and so on.

When we then begin the journey inwards we will find various suitcases that have no purpose but since they have been within us we may assume that they actually have a purpose. Many of the suitcases have destinations written on them and we never actually open them because our human logical mind assumes that there is nothing of value or purpose within in.  We accept labels more readily that TRUTH because labels HIDE TRUTH.

At this time in the outer waking world there is a war of LABELS that is ensuing, people stating "well I am X" with others stating "I am Y" and since this not the same label we are enemies. What this hides is SELF, knowing "self" cannot occur when we have allowed the labels to identify the outer waking reality. I AM is a statement that IS.  Yet many use this as the opening statement to their own definition.   Christ stated "I AM", but in doing so He was not identifying Himself any further.  We are not asked to follow Christ but to walk IN CHRIST.  If we are asked to walk in the "I AM" we cannot do this if we try to make the statement any more defined.

So stating "I AM a scientist" is not stating what you do or even who you are, it is aligning with a label that hides TRUTH. What you do is not nearly as important as WHO YOU ARE IN TRUTH. We live within a system that seeks to define who we are and in doing so we sidestep who we are. DEFINITION IS A TOOL OF THE MATRIX and has to be dissolved in order that we can even begin to approach the CORE OF OUR BEING.

The core of our BEING is protected by TRUTH itself. Anything that is not TRUTH cannot get beyond to reach our CORE, it is like a magnet and it will repel all that is not TRUTH. So many people have tried to live in the matrix and accept the various labels and then when they walk in TRUTH it appears that nothing is "working".  Their viewpoint comes from well this is what I do why is it not working, when the real question is "do I accept TRUTH which tells me this is not me".

We are asked to walk in TRUTH and accept TRUTH, when we attempt to dress up labels as TRUTH we will be denied because labels are not TRUTH. That "nurse" is a label, it is a label that hides the person behind the label.  That fireman is just a "label", that "father" is just a label but we are conditioned not to see the person but the label alone. This hides so much from us and hides the matrix itself. When we are fully in the "I AM" we are fully in our power and NOTHING THAT IS NOT TRUTH CAN TOUCH US and everything that is not TRUTH KNOWS THIS. Its why it works so hard to divide and conquer and to present the illusion.

At this time we may be rejecting that which we are but it will not change. TRUTH JUST IS, as we wrestle with TRUTH we are asked to stop and to surrender for the walk beyond the confines we have adapted to living within involves us accepting that which is beyond our human comprehension. TRUTH is the bridge HOME, it is SOLID, but it has to be WALKED in order to reach the destination. Many will deny the bridge and attempt to change that which they are walking OUT of. We are not asked to change the matrix/old earth because it cannot exist much longer. We are asked to go HOME in TRUTH and this will be revealed to us repeatedly until we can take that first step, that is all it needs, a journey of a thousand miles begins with ONE STEP then another...... TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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