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Walking thru the exit door in TRUTH

We are bound until we are no longer bound but the actual unbinding takes various forms that often remain illusive to our naked human eyes. We may long for change but then freeze when it appears that change is happening within our human life experience. We are conditioned to expect and to exert control over said expectations. We may wish for a change to the human life experience but then exert unconscious control over it by denying how said change is presenting itself.

To give a clear example, let us take the world of our working life, we may wish to move to a new job, a job where our skills can be put to full use, we may go as far as to sit down and logically try to work out how to get to where we perceive we should be.  In this example we surrender IN Christ and suddenly there is movement in our outer waking life, our routine and working life begins to shift, unexplained events begin to unfold and suddenly we are in a panic. Why? because we are conditioned heavily to expect how change is to unfold. The unexpected events that are playing out in our example have thrown us off balance. New people may appear or people who have populated the picture suddenly are taken out, our once mundane and routine every day working life is now no longer routine.  For many this will be taken as a sign that something terrible is about to happen and that perhaps we should stay where we are and leave any thoughts of expansion to another time.  Yet within the example IS the expansion.  It is just being perceived as other than it is in TRUTH.

For something to begin something has to end, this is denied by humanity as a whole who are conditioned to maintain the status quo at all times.  We may lose a friendship and not understand that the friendship has simply run its course. Depending on how the friendship is lost we may fall into various emotional quagmires that seek to have us emotionally crippled by the loss of the friendship and unable to see that change is simply part of the human life experience itself.  As we "lose" we experience and we gain, what is today's loss is often an opportunity for vast expansion.

As the outer waking world is presented as more and more hostile and as humanity cling on to what they know in fear of the "unknown" the ability to allow any change at an everyday waking human life experience level begins to diminish. We are conditioned very heavily to keep hold of people, places and events and use them to define and to outline who we are but who we are in TRUTH is beyond any of these.  The journey to who we are in TRUTH is taken thru shedding who we are not. This keeps many blind to the vast expansion that we are now given the opportunity to interact with.

It is not a case of waking up one morning and throwing it all away, that is not what this journey is about, but as we walk deeper and deeper within our own heart space, all that we have accumulated (much like in physical waking life, keeping things in case we have a use for them for example) will be taken stock of at a spiritual level. All that is no longer applicable will be dissolved and the process itself IS just this, a process. Where we get stuck in the process is falling to the delusion that we know better and that we can keep everything whether it is TRUTH or not.

As everything is frequency then everything effects everything and it is always the case that that which we hold on to most tightly has the most ripple effect. Holding on to something for fear of losing it is the tool that darkness conditions us to use first and foremost. We cannot ever lose TRUTH, if we lose something or it dissolves then it was never TRUTH to begin with no matter how it is presented.

When we call to TRUTH it will answer, it is then our responsibility to accept that in the journey to TRUTH we will have to lighten our load and as we get nearer and nearer to TRUTH we must lay down our internal baggage for it is not permitted. The new is the new and the old is the old and they do not cross over ever.

For many at this time the pain that they find themselves within is self made, it is created by the logical mind attempting to adhere to the deep conditioning that we are responsible for everyone around us. Responsibility is singular and is not subjective, we are each here to live a life in this our human physical form, it cannot be lived for another nor another live ours for that is not TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to willingly surrender that which Christ now asks us to surrender and in doing so we will be moved thru the process to understanding. Understanding never comes first, it is always the destination never the departure spot. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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