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Walking with ANGELS

For many within humanity the idea that an ANGEL can physically interact with the physical is something that only happens on the big screen. Yet there is are many testaments to Creator sending angelic forms to help His Children in the Word of YHWY. We must always remember that this human physical form is very limited, what can been physically seen and interpreted thru this human physical form is related to limitations held within said human physical form.

As I have blogged repeatedly in respect to this period of human linear time all that is taking place will take place in the physical realm in which the human physical vehicle exists. There are a myriad of other realms that are active but the physical realm is the one that everything that is taking part will walk, including the angelic energies.

Look out across the media platforms at this time and it is doom and gloom, all the information that is being presented is for darkness. How humanity will be this and that, it is seldom that the information being shared is on behalf of LIGHT in TRUTH. The angelic energies that HEAVEN in TRUTH are sending to this physical plane are already here and beginning to awaken fully.

Humanity have been fed a range of false teachings in respect of angelic energy, Hollywood has done a great job of portraying them in various positions and in various forms which has also sought to hide their purpose from humanity. An angelic energy sent by Wider Creation in TRUTH is sent on behalf of Creator, the angelic energy does not bow to humanity, it serves CREATOR and Him alone. The idea that angels are controlled by humans is repellant, it is blasphemous and yet pick up any lifestyle magazine in any store and it has articles on how to use the angelic energy to your advantage. Angels from HEAVEN in TRUTH serve Creator, they do not bow to human will.

As the unfolding now continues more deeply more will reveal themselves in this their human form. It has been decreed therefore it will be.



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