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Washing the HEART CLEAN in TRUTH

Our heart space is a place of intense understanding, we can comprehend so much more thru our heart space than we can ever comprehend thru our human mind and yet we will tend to default to our human logical mind when we feel that our emotions are stirring. The need to make "logic" and "reason" upper most in the human life experience is a driving force for the vast majority of human beings. This is further enforced thru the need to somehow "fit in" whether this is socially, professionally etc. Indeed the more that we allow 'logic" and "reason" to get into the driving seat of the human life experience the more lost we become.

However this 'lost" will not become apparent until we go deeper within the heart space, where we begin to deep heal and cleanse the human logical mind will go into overdrive. As we begin to turn off the highway of "common sense" and "it makes sense" we will find that if the driver in the drivers seat is the human logical mind it will rebel. It will demand that we are lost, that we will end up dead in a ditch somewhere and we will be alone because it simply DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the road that we are travelling upon.

The human heart is not dependent upon outside visual clues as to where it is at any moment, indeed the deep heart space is aligned only with TRUTH, however this alignment has to be activated fully and this can only happen when we connect using the deep heart instead of the human logical mind. As we begin to unplug the logical mind all sorts of nonsense will begin to arise within us. We will be shouted at by our internal dialogue that we are losing the plot, that we are committing some sort of suicide by using the deep heart instead of the "logic" and "reason" that the rest of humanity use.

When we are on a journey and we have taken a wrong turn it does not matter how many people are in the vehicle we are travelling in the percentage of those who agree that we are lost does not matter for being lost JUST IS. If we have navigated using the wrong map in the wrong way then we can sit and debate for eternity, until we actually take the steps necessary to right the wrong turn then we are still lost. We will find that all those around us who are using "logic" and "reason" simply are deaf to everything that is not referenced.

We would not simply fall off a cliff to prove that we are correct, it would be suicide and yet many who are attempting to navigate using the logical human mind are standing on said cliff about to fall off in an attempt to "prove" that not stepping off the cliff is TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS it never requires to be defended, if you are defending part of your experience then there is a connection back to the logical mind that is hiding itself.

We cannot navigate the next phase of the ascension to full evolution process using a navigation tool born thru the "logic" and "reason" teachings of the Old Earth Matrix. When we look at the MATRIX films we will note that in the 3rd film Neo had no physical eye sight and this helped him, he could SEE but he could only SEE using his heart and not his physical eyes. When we are surrounded by those who state repeatedly "this makes no sense" we are being jolted back into the human logical mind.

We are not asked to "make sense" of the outer waking reality, it will get a good deal stranger than it is at present because the stasis that has given a false sense of order is dissolving and fluidity is now birthing. Its gonna get a load more weird in the sense that the human logical mind references "weird" and many within humanity will go over that cliff edge.

This serves no one, we are not lost, we are on target and as this is validated to us in the various ways that Spirit in TRUTH uses we will gain in strength. WE are now strengthening our heart muscle because we have simply not been using it, we did not require to. Again in the MATRIX films when Neo asks why his eyes hurt and he is told "you have never used them before", we are at a similar place.

When we are given the opportunity to exit from the Old Earth Matrix we require to rest and to use that which we have simply been given the illusion of. We have never walked before, we have never breathed air before, we have never used our eyes before and we have never stood up before. Allow the process to unfold. As we begin to understand TRUTH and begin to differentiate between deep illusion and our own fear receptors we will begin to move and to see in new ways. We will begin to live in new ways and then we will achieve the biggest understanding that we are asked to at this time:



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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