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Washing the wounds with LOVE in TRUTH

At this time across the dimensional space referenced as "earth" is a new frequency. It is one of GRACE and COMPASSION and the Archangels are washing the wounds of humanity with this frequency. This is shown to us in our personal relationships with a clearing of old energy. This may manifest in a variety of different ways depending upon the wounds that are being washed.

We can view this as a type of triage. (The Holy Spirit, Christ in TRUTH and Creator in TRUTH). The Archangels as we are led off the battlefield tend the wounds that we cannot see, the ones that the old earth matrix has had us defend as if they are some sort of heroic badge. This sees us very vulnerable and yet in said vulnerability is a strength like no other.

The initial approach of the Archangelic energy is one that may take us by surprise, it may manifest as one scenario that begins to shift and change as we interact with it. At times there may be some pain involved but as the pain surfaces the Archangelic energy softens even more, becoming more and more tender as the wound is cleaned fully.

As with physical wounds the wound itself needs to be thoroughly cleaned, if not infection sets in and this may be lead to a variety of manifestations that cause even more distress than the original wound. We are held very closely by the Archangelic energy as this happens, we will feel the softness of the angels wings as it holds us close and we may hear a gentle flapping of its wings as it begins to shift and change our perception and understanding of the wound and how it has caused certain events to remain in our human life experience.

Archangels NEVER deviate from their Creation in TRUTH purpose and we may find that no matter how much we plead with the Archangelic energy to stop and that we are actually okay, the Archangelic energy knows better. It can see that which we cannot, it is not bound by time and space nor timelines, it can see how the wound has infected our entire reality across dimensional timelines and across family lineages. Often we will have incarnated into the SAME family lineage playing out the original wound over and over to get the different perspectives that are achieved from this.

Many are able to understand that "we are our ancestors" but we have to understand the literalness of this statement. We have incarnated over and over into the SAME family lineages. Now that this is tended to by HEAVEN in TRUTH then family patterns of disease, of illness, of separation and trauma begin to HEAL. This is a life altering space to be in and we are given the full GRACE of Creator in order that we can reach this sacred space.

WE ARE asked to simply lie in the arms of the Archangelic energy and rest, for it has been a journey that has taken many of us to the very brink. As we rest we begin to tap into the understanding and the movement that is gifted to us thru this process.



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