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Watering of the SEEDS in TRUTH

We are now witnessing that which many have been shown and yet continued to deny in the many years if not decades leading up to this moment. The full dissolving of the Old Earth Matrix, it is the FEAR frequency that is being revealed in order that we can fully dissolve it. A frequency that remains hidden is a frequency that sets out to do a lot of damage because it is IGNORED. We can no longer ignore the intense fear frequency that humanity are living within.

It is vital that we understand that we are being GIFTED in this present moment, without seeing the actual wound how on earth could it ever be healed? Many will get pulled into the fear frequency and begin to ACT OUT that which is within their mind and this has to be detached from. Many are running intense fear mindsets that are creating a panic that is out of context with that which is actually occurring. The rise of social networking and the intense frequency that is now FLOODING said platforms is again a manifestation of that which has always remained.

Focusing only on the "love and light" is not the way to move to thru this as it ignores the frequency that is now presented in order it can be SEVERED. Failure to sever the frequency will see the frequency remain intact and present itself personally to us over and over again. We cannot take any frequency that is not TRUTH into the dimensional space beyond and as this is where we are to go we will be held in limbo indefinately.

Please note that the outer waking reality is LOCKED at this time. The "lock down" of countries, of areas and at world level is deliberate, it will remain as long as we are working within the fear frequency itself. To move past this we must take action internally deep within the heart space. Paying lip service to the frequency will see it remain, (lip service is where we interact with those around us in an attempt to hide ourselves from them). We are being given a clear option at this time. ALL JUST IS, attempts to step back and to remain within a scenario that is other than TRUTH are opposed.

The ability for those who have used the spiritual plane as a sort of refuge will now dissolve for there is nothing left on said spiritual plane. That which remained separate to the physical plane has been "emptied" into the physical plane and ALL interactions with ALL entities are now PHYSICAL.

This may be continued to be denied by the vast majority of humanity but events and scenarios will validate this in due course.

For information and guidance on how to remain in the deep heart space and how to work with the physical plane spiritually please listen to the TRUTH Codes BRIDGE podcasts that are available across a wide variety of podcast sites.



(c) Karen Doonan

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