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WE ARE asked at this time to understand that as the world now prepares to enter the DARKEST it has ever seen that there is a LIGHT in TRUTH that is here to guide us. This LIGHT in TRUTH will now allow us to see the EXIT point and navigate towards it.

The false lights may appear to dazzle and they may appear pretty in all their beautiful colors but they are false for they lead NOWHERE but around in circles. This is often misunderstood as RE-INCARNATION simply leading humans who use these lights to go thru doors that lead back to where they started. The fairground is about to pack up and leave but not before it turns off all the beautiful lights it has used to dazzle and entertain within this dimensional space.

WE ARE asked to stand in the LIGHT in TRUTH and remain aligned with Creator thru the deep heart space. It is why we came here, it is why we will remain until the last moment as we are the LIGHT that reveals the EXIT door in TRUTH.



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