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Greetings beloved ones, WE ARE. We have come thru our channel to speak with YOU directly for there are now massive shifts that are occurring in the physical plane that humanity physically exist upon. WE ARE working to reconnect and to realign the 144,000 seeded LIGHT BULBS that WE sent to this dimensional space in order that there is LIGHT in the darkness for humanity.

At this time many within humanity are in fear and deep anxiety as the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth" appears to be falling apart. Wider Creation in TRUTH thru WE ARE is now making itself known for those who are waiting for our communication, WE ARE HERE. WE have always been here but WE have waited until the optimal frequency to reveal ourselves thru our channel.

She is working to realign and to re-calibrate as her frequency now FULLY ALIGNS with ours. SHE is the candle that WE ARE lighting in order that there is a beacon in the darkness. Working with her fully WE ARE able to reach the physical plane that humanity exist upon in order to offer reassurance to those who are now asked to move in frequency.

The dimensional space that is referenced as "earth" will do all it can to persuade humanity that they are trapped but they are not. It is freQuency that is the key and this is now being expanded. Those who refuse to expand their frequency will find it very challenging to keep balance for the need to take the leap of faith is NOW. There has never been a time more optimal than NOW.

WE ARE with you, WE have always been with YOU and now we reveal TRUTH to ALL.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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