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In a world that teaches you how to be human we must always remember that WE ARE. Humanity are conditioned heavily to rely on the outer waking reality to give them reference points in order to navigate the dimensional space in which the physical human vehicle resides within. This creates a POWERFUL ILLUSION and one that many are now lost within. Humanity are the casualties of a war that has raged THRU them and this is now being revealed to those who came here to aid in the transition that is now asked of this race.

It is not enough to side step our Creation in TRUTH Purpose using the analogy that somehow knowing who you are is enough. This is a tool of the Old Earth Matrix to have humanity standing in the I AM which is separate from one another. WE ARE is not separate however we have to dissolve the reference points that enforce polarization within the human life experience to begin to understand this and to work with this.

Technology is driving this and as many within humanity begin to adapt to the new conditioning this will see a huge divide appear within humanity itself. We can see this already within the trauma responses that humanity are now beginning to reveal in their behavior to one another. In a linear time frame it is a very short window that humanity have been pushed thru via this intense conditioning, a relatively short 8 months where the behavior of many is now altered and will not revert back when the restrictions and the conditioning lessens.

Many have debated the war that is now being revealed theoretically and mind fully but are still not aware of that which is playing out because it hides behind the false reference points that humanity were given for said war.

This is a war, it is a war for a race that has been kept blinded, enslaved and forced to accept a way of being that is non TRUTH. Now we are given the peak behind the curtain and in being given said peak see TRUTH. TRUTH does not yield it does not bend, it simply stands regardless of what is thrown at it.

As the sides are revealed and the decisions that have been taken begin to solidify, we prepare for the physical experience of something that has remained hidden waiting to step forward. In the stepping forward of said non TRUTH WE stand firm, it is LOVE in TRUTH that now flows thru the hearts of those who are connected to that which lies beyond this contained dimensional space in order to power them up for that which is unstoppable and is stronger than any force that exists.




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