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Weaving beyond the weave in TRUTH

We live within a world that is other than it appears to the naked human eye in TRUTH. We are woven into the weft of this dimensional space through the frequency bandwidths that we resonate with,  thus we see only the life experience and life path of those around us but not usually our own. We may aspire to step out of the life experience that we are living but somehow it always resets itself, we may change job then find ourselves in a similar position as to the job we moved from, we may move house and find the same thing the list is endless as are the many and varied manifestations.

We must always look within and to the root of the weave that we are woven into. Only by removing the main thread can we then begin to weave beyond the weave that we are born into.  This is done by looking deep within the heart space and releasing that which holds us to the outer waking reality.  We go in to release and then we are able to step out in the outer waking life experience, if we do this the other way around then we simply weave the weft tighter and deep frustration will begin to build.

Darkness relies on us attempting to move the outer waking reality first and foremost for it is in the split decisions that we make out of frustration , boredom, loneliness or anger that allows for any, all and every manipulation. Our human life experience is but a list of little decisions that when put altogether form the journey that we walk each moment but which we are in effect very blind to.

We cannot see the outcome of a decision until further down the road, when the path that we thought we took turns out to be something completely different.  Then we may attempt to navigate once more and before long we will find ourselves lost in the labyrinth of decision making.  It can take many linear years before we realize just how far down a path we have walked but we have a choice at each and every moment and when we move deep into our heart space we are able to navigate our route in TRUTH. This prevents the split second decision that takes us on to the path that we cannot see, it prevents the train track splitting at the last moment and us ending up somewhere other than we believed we would be.

At this time the opportunity for deep internal growth presents itself. We are nowhere that we cannot be found from within and this TRUTH will now validate itself repeatedly. When we surrender fully to our Creator YHWY we will find that we are re routed and despite that which our human logical mind yells at us we are no longer lost, we are re routed and in the re routing we begin to understand that which tempted us off the road we walked in the first place.

At this time all is not as it appears to the naked human eye and all, any and every internal frustration is an illumination of something that cannot travel any further on this journey inside of us. Before we can take physical steps in the outer waking world we must address this inner weaving and seek to allow it to dissolve, only then can our eyes clear and the road before us reveal itself in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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