• Karen Doonan

Welcome to BACE Camp

Updated: Jan 8

Welcome to the TRUTH Codes Chronicles from Orion website. It is here that we will begin to build and to expand in TRUTH. This site will expand as the work expands in phase two of the ascension to full evolution process that is now unfolding.

We have come together in this space to identify the issues that are still prevalent within the "group" at a human everyday waking life experience level. We are required to balance and to harmonize with ALL but this does involve harmonizing that which is out of balance and harmony at an everyday waking human life experience level.

it is envisaged that there will be a core nucleus of members to begin with as others find the BACE Camp and begin to engage. We stand on the threshold of a new way of living and being in the physical reality in which our human physical vehicles walk and it is an exciting time indeed.

Thank you for your walk out of darkness, thank you for your support and thank you for BEING YOU. It is now time to go into the cocoon and shift into full BUTTEFLY mode for where we now set out for requires WINGS of TRUTH.

many blessings


#keepingthefaith #faith