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What cannot be seen.....

The last linear few years have been like nothing the human race have ever lived and this is down to the curtain being removed by Creator. Many have been able to understand that which we fight against but there are so many who simply shrug their shoulders and refuse to accept that we in this human physical form are not alone.

Darkness is like a military operation, controlling different parts of the human life experience and making sure that humanity remain under an influence that they simply cannot see. From the subliminal stuff that is used to draw people to certain things to the heaviness that people feel at certain times, places or events, all is kept out of the visual for humanity. The human logical mind is such that it demands proof and it often demands to "see" proof. This is of course where division is created between those who are more than aware of the demonic presence in this world and those who simply refuse to accept that this world is anything other than can be seen by the naked eye.

Many still bow down to ancient gods believing the false history that they are anything other than "history" and if we remove the cars, the modern conveniences we will find a biblical world, the world in essence has never moved on, it has simply covered itself in various layers of illusion.

WE ARE asked at this time to understand the fragility of the human condition whilst not bowing to it. That which is non TRUTH and trying to take a hold over humanity is an ancient darkness that demands the sacrifice of the young. For those who are able to understand this context is returned, for those who refuse to believe this then the chaos will remain. NOTHING is hidden for those who can accept the removal of the veils.

So what is the point of the removal of the veils if it continues, after all it is one thing to see something quite another to remove it. Well first of all we must now place our focus on that which is also unseen and this is TRUTH. When we anchor fully in TRUTH we cannot be manipulated by outside events. Many have stood in TRUTH for a while now refusing to give an inch to the fantasy land that many are trying to anchor in the physical plane of existence.

We cannot remain silent, taking a stand is a how we allow LOVE in TRUTH to begin its work, remaining silent and allowing the horror that has entered this physical plane to simply harvest is not an option. LOVE in TRUTH is not simply accepting everything and everyone, it is having LOVE for all but maintaining the boundaries that are in place in order to respect and support all of humanity.

The "child" is leading and as we can see when the "child" is let loose in this world, horror, death and confusion reign. We would not let a child drive a car, we would not let a child stand in the middle of the road demanding they wish to play there despite vehicles driving up and down the road and yet the "child" has been bowed to.

At this time we are asked to understand the role of the adult in the entire picture. The role of the adult who has matured and to understand the anger, fear and backlash of the "child" who has entered the physical plane of humanity in order to harvest. We exist within the end of days and as such we must now understand that which is here with us.



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