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When Humanity reveals itself to itself it will DENY itself

For many within humanity at this time the outer waking life experience is one of chaos, of fear and of separation and division. A matrix that is founded upon all of these things will continue to manifest these things in various ways.   The out pouring of hatred within humanity is that which was SEEDED within humanity and has simply been cultivated and is now being harvested.  The social network platforms are full of the vitriol of those who seek to punish one another.  When we deride another for that which NO ONE could see up until the awakening began then we are playing into the hands of the dark agenda, we are not in a place of light offering light, we are allowing ourselves to be the club which said dark agenda uses to keep humanity in place.

Over the coming "festive" period we will be given further glimpses into the harvest that is now fully underway.  The dark side of humanity is not something that happens to humanity it is something that is CULTIVATED within humanity. It is this that is highlighted at this time in order that we can sever the ties to it. We do not have to drink the poison cup that is continually placed at our feet, we can walk from it and not drink a drop but many will taste it purely to see how bad it tastes.  We do not have to allow a scorpion to sting us to understand the pain that the sting holds so why do a vast majority of humanity want to keep testing the pain levels that they are within?

Part of it is to do with the fear response that is grown within humanity from the moment that we take our first breath. We are not being "educated" on the world around us, we are being seeded by the fear that is within our primary care givers at the time.  This leads to generational seeding and holds many in check at this time.  The fear that somehow our immediate family will reject us is the glue that keeps many in place no matter what they state vocally.  The sense of belonging within a culture of fear is based SOULLY on the fear response that the culture holds in place.

At this time we are being given the opportunity to choose again. Each and every moment that we are alive we have a choice. We can choose to be in surrender, we can choose to loving, we can choose to be kind or we can allow the poison to take hold and start shouting at the world in general. The old earth matrix WANTS the anger, the angst, the fear, the backlash because that is what it is built upon. To be angry within a matrix that is founded upon anger is the entire point of said matrix.

There is NO ONE in charge, that is the irony in all of this out pouring, no one needs to be in charge because a race that has been seeded with fear, handed a personal mirror reflecting said fear will eat itself alive before putting down said mirror.

The mirror work that many are deep within is a hall, it is a hall that is never ending, at some point in the awakening process we are asked to close our eyes and TRUST our heart to lead us home. WE STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR because once we have found the very root of our soul we will be repulsed. The soul is not our friend, it starts out as a friend then begins to show itself. Those who defend the soul are in fear of not having their soul with them and yet this is the very fear that holds them to said soul. It is an oxymoron and one that the human logical mind will turn itself outside in with.

We are not here to save this world, we are not here to restart it, to clean it up or to somehow put those we BELIEVE have worked against us in some sort of prison.  We are here to EXIT this dimensional space, to let go of ALL hatred, of ALL separation , of ALL fear and we simply cannot do this alone. We are of course not alone, we are also seeded with LIGHT, with the frequency that wider Creation in TRUTH is built upon and we have the opportunity to step away from the CULTURES that are now revealing themselves.

That which is wrong and evil with this dimensional space WANTS the fight because it needs frequency and energy to survive. Starve it of this and it dies, it is this simple.  Raging against the matrix HOLDS it in place.  The time to stop screaming and pouring energy into something that has remained hidden but is now open to view is over.  We can scream into the mirror forever, the mirror does not care. It CHANGES NOTHING, nothing we ever do within the matrix will alter it because it is self fulfilling. We change it by not interacting with it.

By choosing death over life repeatedly humanity have been sold a SACRIFICE foundation that many will hold on to dearly. That somehow we have to sacrifice ourselves for others.  Why bother holding human sacrifice rituals when you can actually get the humans to simply self crucify themselves repeatedly?  yet this remains hidden to most.

As the crowds now gather to reveal their hatred, many will now turn on their heel and walk silently and swiftly from them because they are the reason it has remained. We are the ones who will now walk away from the shouting, from the hatred and the ill feeling because we made a choice, that choice is LOVE and LOVE in TRUTH does not require to shout to be heard. TRUTH JUST IS, it remains watching silently as all that is not TRUTH shouts loudly like a bully in the playground.

As with a bully in the playground the more attention it gets the more it feeds its own ego and importance.  As we now walk far from the madding crowd we will find it easier and easier to navigate for the frequency of TRUTH now intensifies.

It is not that humanity cannot see TRUTH nor even feel TRUTH, it is that they deny it, because in order to accept TRUTH you have to let go of all that is not TRUTH. For many who have built their lives on everything but TRUTH this is too much and they will hold on to the lie believing that they are somehow except from the responsibility that is now placed within humanity. It is only when we accept responsibility for our own human life experience, our reactions and actions that change can even begin to manifest. Prior to this we are children in the sandpit throwing our toys around waiting for someone to save us from the repercussions of what we are doing.

At this time the judgment frequency that was seeded within humanity and which is CULTIVATED fully thru the construct of religion and the construct of LAW will begin to assert itself. ALL who are aligned with it will respond, all who are not will begin to understand the weapons of mass destruction are not used against humanity so much as within humanity on themselves. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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