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When the HEART knows the BRAIN rebels

As we begin to hone our skills at listening to and responding to our deep heart space we will come across a phenomenon that may floor us. As we listen to the heart our human logical mind will often begin to act akin to a small child having a tantrum. We may find ourselves in this sort of dialogue where we actively try to dismiss and invalidate the heart space itself.

Logic and reason play NO part in the full evolution process, human consciousness is a pool of frequency that is used to give the very deep illusion that movement is occurring at any level. It is the connection from our heart space (which has a completely different frequency than the rest of our human physical vehicle) out to Wider Creation in TRUTH that allows for the expansion and the connection to full expansion.

Our human logical mind came with the physical vehicle and it is akin to a storage facility, it ARCHIVES past experience and when we are about to experience similar it pulls out the reference points and says "aha this is happening". For those who are working with a trauma response the need to move thru this program is uppermost. Not to bow to the human logical mind and allow the experience to CREATE NEW PATHWAYS is the way forward. As we allow this we build trust and faith in our deep heart space and we begin to hone this skill.

This brings hope, healing, a sense of peace and of serenity but it TAKES PRACTICE and we are given this practice repeatedly by Wider Creation in TRUTH. View it akin to a muscle, the more we work it the stronger it becomes. The HEART is a muscle and because this dimensional space berates humanity for using it many are finding their heart has atrophied. It does not take long to build strength in the heart, we simply keep opening it every time the human logical mind tries to persuade us to keep it closed. As we practice this we become fitter and stronger at CORE LEVELS.

At this time we are asked to allow the experiences in order that we can validate the HEART space and we can see for ourselves how the human logical mind tries to take over. We are held firmly in the arms of the Archangels as we practice this, let go and breathe, let go and allow the peace and serenity that appears so far away to birth thru you.



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