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Why "forgiveness" is yet another lie in the old earth

Human language is deliberately confusing, now technology is seeking to come to our "aid" by translating that which we type.  What is hidden in this is the dehumanizing of the language used. Type any human phrase into google and it will translate to any language that you wish but it will not have the context, warmth, hostility, or any other feeling that is human. It will simply present the language and those reading it will interpret it through the conditioning that has been experienced.

When I interacted with american culture (I am generalizing for the sake of this blog as I understand that there is more than one culture in the continent that is known as the USA) one of the most challenging aspects was language.  Walking down the other side of the sidewalk had to be relearned (note the reconditioning that is within this), driving had to be altered to adhere to the right hand side of the road, all were navigated after a few short months, however the language barrier remained for much longer.  The context of phrases and words is completely different from the Scottish culture that I was brought up within.  Having moved around Scotland to various areas I had adapted to the various local language contexts but moving to a new continent brought challenges that were mind blowing.

So what does this have to do with "forgiveness"? Well everything for each human being may have a different interpretation and context of what forgiveness means and every single definition and context is slightly off.  When Christ hung on the Cross and asked for forgiveness for humanity He did not place it in a context, He did not define it or single some out and highlight others.  He simply opened His heart and begged our Creator YHWY to forgive humanity for what they were doing.

Like "love" the old earth has sought to condition both the context and the definition of what love is to humanity.  How often do we hear ourselves use the phrase "if you loved me you would do X"?

love is patient

Forgiveness has also been defined and given a context that is other than it is in TRUTH.  I had thought that I had forgiven in the past but as our Creator YHWY walks me through the Salvation in TRUTH process I am beginning to understand that I had a faulty concept of what forgiveness is in TRUTH.   How often do we hear ourselves say that we can forgive but cannot forget?  This is in direct rebellion to the verse above for in loving we do not keep "score" therefore in our forgiveness we do not do this either.

Unfortunately the old earth has conditioned us to accept and therefore create a belief system around forgiveness with many within humanity holding on to anger and situations experienced and not letting go. The logical explanation is to keep it fresh in their mind so they do not experience it again and yet this "hot coal" is what is burning them and hurting them. We do not learn nor understand from this position, the holding on to grudges, to hatred and anger seeks only to blur our vision.  It creates ill health in the person who is holding on to said emotional debris and is the root of the many fractures within humanity today.

Whilst we may on the surface believe that "life is too short" it does not stop humanity from defining who gets to be forgiven and who does not.  Forgiveness is forgiveness full stop, it is the letting go of emotional turmoil and loving fully from the heart space knowing that we have served our Creator YHWY in opening our heart and loving despite the temptation to do otherwise. We are not the ones in a position to judge for we do not and cannot experience the life that others around us experience, we can relate, we can understand but we cannot have the exact same experience, it is unique to each individual.

We are living in a society which is seeking to label in order that human beings are rejected and isolated in order to provide fuel for said old earth. Relationships are reduced to words on a screen and quick flick through some photos.  Many people do not understand why their relationships falter placing the blame on the other person without understanding that ALL within humanity are hurting, therefore there is no Mr or Miss Perfect out there, they exist only in the glossy magazines that portray the deep illusion that humanity is attempting to reach but much like an oasis will disappear as soon as it is approached.

We are HUMAN BEINGS, we are all hurt human beings who only seek acceptance and love and yet acceptance and love have been defined and contextualized to the point that we are turning ourselves inside out trying to be that which we cannot be for we are human and humans cannot be perfect for that is not our purpose.

Our purpose is to love, our lives are to help those around us, to support them in all that they are and do simply by loving them.  The meaning of life is to love full stop. Everything else is a distraction that seeks to take us away from this very narrow road, to many it is invisible as there is so much pain and trauma in everyday living.

When we can accept that we are human, when we can look at another person and see beyond the clothing, the hair cuts, the musical preferences and see the beating human heart that yearns just to be loved then we have a starting point. Before this we are lost in the sea of "knowledge" that has us hand our humanity over without a thought.  For it is our humanity that Lucifer seeks to destroy and which most of humanity are giving up daily.

At this time we are asked to take our humanity back by opening our heart space and understanding that perfection is a tool of the devil and the road to healing starts with seeing human beings as living, breathing beings and not labels we are simply conditioned to place all around us. Kx

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