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Why the LOCK cannot be picked in TRUTH

We are in full control of this our human life experience and yet many will deny this within humanity. The externalization of the human life experience is the major illusion that is in operation within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". That which seeks to prevent us living a "free" life experience is that which is laid down inside of us. We are conditioned heavily to accept the needs and wants of those around us are superior to that which we require at any given time. This of course sits hidden or rather sat hidden.

We need only view social media and the behavior of those around us to see this in the physical plane. What was once hidden is now revealed and it is revealed in order to HELP US, not to confine us. Where we see a lock down in a certain area of our human life experience we are under SPIRITUAL CONFINEMENT. Whether this is directly or indirectly is irrelevant. The confinement is in place and is being reflected back to us. We see in many within humanity the absolute fear of everything. From others leaving their houses (the need to control beyond their personal boundary) to attempting to re seed those around them. These are those within humanity who have absorbed the deepest fear and it has nothing to do with a virus. It has everything to do with their own fear for their own safety. This of course is laid down in the first few years of our human life experience.

It is being revealed at this time because that which would usually seek as a band aid to the fear within them has been removed. Perhaps they threw themselves into a job role, a relationship role etc. The anger that many are displaying at this time again is not in respect of that which is happening at this time but that which has already occurred.

We are taught within this dimensional space referenced as "earth" how to HIDE in plain sight. Now is the time to step into the LIGHT of TRUTH and release that which is inside, only by releasing the prison internally can anything external shift at any level at all. The human logical mind will go to war with this but it is the human logical mind which has become the jailor, accepting all the "evidence" that is presented and then backing it up with the fear experience that has already occurred but sits at an unconscious waking mind level.

We may not have the memory of drowning in another life but that does not matter, in this life experience that memory will distort our reaction to deep bodies of water and we will find all sorts of rationality for it.

TRUTH JUST IS, for those who have called out to TRUTH, it has answered, the keys are internal and nothing that happens on the physical is solid, all is a manifestation of that which is held on other planes of existence. As those planes are now emptying it will all appear on this physical plane where humanity exist at a physical level. It is the illusion, in order to dissolve the illusion we need only find the WIZARD who is always behind the curtain and always other than the illusion will seek to present.

For further support in navigating the outer waking reality and moving beyond the boundaries of the Old Earth Matrix please listen to the TRUTH Codes Bridge Podcasts:



(c) Karen Doonan

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