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Working to align with the BRIDGE prior to exiting the old earth matrix in TRUTH

As we are now approaching the gateway that is the BRIDGE we are asked to work more closely with our frequency and to align with our brothers and sisters BEYOND the old earth matrix.  Up until this point humanity has worked with star systems, angelics and travelers who have accessed the old earth matrix and made contact from wider Creation in TRUTH to within the old earth matrix.

Now it is the turn of those who are now poised ready to move into the wider Creation in TRUTH frequency bandwidth which is TRUTH.   This is a process that involves dissolving of the old earth matrix strongholds/anchors at DNA/RNA level and a re-positioning of the frequency bandwidth matrix to the HEART SPACE root.

This pushes the human life experience from a logic based system to a heart based system and has been protected to this point by the human logical mind.  As per the previous post explaining that the logical reality conditioned to be accepted by humanity will now begin to break down, the need to shift focus to the heart center root is now increasing as once the old earth matrix begins to break down and dissolve if we are not anchored in our heart space root we are susceptible to mental health issues and increased mass hysteria.

This is being played out thru a section of humanity at this time, the rise in diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimers in younger and younger human physical vehicles is given as a manifestation of vaccinations but vaccinations are a manifestation of the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths that are part of the old earth matrix core.  We have to address the ROOT frequency and not just keep trying to address the symptoms of the root frequency.

In support of the movement to the heart space ROOT I will be producing self help podcasts explaining how to align and to work with the frequency bandwidths and how to shift from logic based frequency rooting to heart based frequency rooting.

These podcasts will be uploaded to the blog and placed on the main Releasing Eden website podcast section.   Personal assistance, one to ones and detailed meditation alignment is available directly from me by emailing me with your inquiry via ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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