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Working to find balance in the breaking down of reality in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned to control, from the moment that we take our first breath in this our human physical form we are conditioned to exert a pressure on the outer waking reality. This intense conditioning sits at unconscious waking mind level and is hidden to many within humanity. It is the self sabotage that many are now reaching the understanding of. It is one thing to state "we must be in balance" but quite another to understand that by surrendering and allowing the LOVE in TRUTH to flow thru us we gain a natural balance that is at odds with the perceived balance that we are conditioned to live within.

To give a very clear example of this let us take the average human life experience where we are conditioned to juggle. As I have taken human female form we will use a female example but similar applies to the human male. We are conditioned to juggle the various "roles" that are open to the human physical form that we have taken. So for a woman these roles are "mother", "wife", "daughter" and "sister". (there are extended roles that birth from these). So at any one time we are attempting to remain within the confines of the conditioning at family lineage level and every changing societal level of that which is required. As we try to "find" balance we become out of a balance with the NOW moment and with Wider Creation in TRUTH because as we try to control each of the roles we go into sacrifice. Many women can resonate with the challenge of for example being a working mother. The role of each demands a sacrifice so any perceived balance is simply not there.

The human logical mind will attempt to move us into different parts of the roles in order that it "solves" the puzzle that is presented to it of "balance" What happens in the process is that we lose ourselves. Many women can also resonate with losing who they are within the roles that they step into. We may be mothers but does being a mother mean that we are no longer a person in our own right? how does this affect our other "roles"? The list of perceived "puzzle questions" is endless and the more that we allow our human logical mind to address said "puzzle" the deeper into the labyrinth we go.

Within the higher frequency bandwidths that we are now being moved into and beyond we must surrender fully ALL roles that we have been conditioned to work within. Sound simple enough but it brings up massive fear in relation to "ego". The human logical mind has worked within the library of "roles" for our entire human life experience, it will reject the surrender of these. As we move further into our heart space and surrender fully to the unfolding process we will NATURALLY move into balance and we will find that it feels strange. Indeed the more that we are held by our SPIRIT in TRUTH in place dissolving the internal role boundaries that we lived within the more that we will find unease BUT as we work with the unease we will find the hidden corridors that darkness walks in order to manipulate.

This part of the process is not about loving less or more, it is about surrender to TRUTH. To allow our heart to open and to understand that sacrifice is NOT LOVE in TRUTH. It has been used as a replacement to keep us bound to the Old Earth Matrix itself. As we accept that there is an natural balance and as we dissolve our OWN INTERNAL RESISTANCE to this balance we will gain in strength. Our vision will clear and we will begin to understand that we are the conduit for the LOVE in TRUTH frequency to flow thru. That is all that is required of us and yet the challenge is there.

The challenge comes from those around us who are so used to the conditioned responses to the roles that as we dissolve our internal barriers held in place by these roles that it negates the drama, the separation and the division that humanity have accepted is part and parcel of the human life experience itself. It moves and shifts our frequency, it allows a space to be created in which vast changes can occur. It is no longer about trying to maintain "control" (which is an illusion), it becomes like breathing.

This stage of the ascension to full evolution process is at times a breathtaking one but it is one that we HAVE to surrender to because in the process of surrender we begin to understand the self sabotage to levels that allow us to remove and to breathe in this our human physical form and in being able to breath we begin to LIVE and we begin to LIVE we begin to understand the death that we have been held in since humanity were created.



(c) Karen Doonan

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