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Working to release the INVISIBLE ties that bind in TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to rely on our human eyes and our human logical mind.  Often we will become blind to that which is literally standing in front of us due to the reference points and the belief systems that PROTECT said reference points.

One of the biggest illusions presented to the human race is that of death.  We are conditioned repeatedly to accept that when a person ceases to exist in their human physical form that they have died. Nothing is further from TRUTH and a whole industry exists based on this lie.  Those who work with the "deceased" are merely working with the spiritual realm which exists AROUND humanity and which works to BIND humanity in the grief and sorrow that the conditioned response to death manifests.

As we now move into further expansion (which will continue whether we can manage to keep up with it or not, it is TRUTH therefore cannot be stopped)  we are asked to accept that the conditioning that we have been exposed to repeatedly has had us accept a lie that has kept humanity in chains. The subject of grief is a deep one and it is complex one as many within humanity respond differently when faced with the death of a loved one. What hampers the full acceptance of the passing of a loved one is our denial of the pain that unfolds in relation to our interactions when the person was "alive" in human physical form.

Having lost various relatives at various stages of my life I can testify to them each being different and the sudden death of my father in a car crash manifesting the most intense and dense denial of the event itself. When we are faced with the death of a loved one who appears to be with us one minute and gone the next we are faced with a deep denial and in said denial the old earth matrix reaps significantly.

In order to move into expansion and to move out of the frequency coding of the old earth/matrix we have to look at the invisible space that exists within our heart space and the "gaps" that appear to be other than are in respect of the reference points created. Where we have experienced deep denial and pain we have attempted to walk around something that continues to expand within us until it is handed back in order that it can heal fully. It is not possible to move into expansion when a VOID exists internally as it cancels the expansion, all is frequency and frequency cannot expand and contract at the same time, this creates a deep STASIS that is holding many within humanity.

Just because we cannot see the traumatic event before us does not lessen the power that it can have WITHIN US to re route us, to drain us, to have us try to limit in order to side step the pain that simply becomes invisible to us.  There are many and varied false teachings that seek to "normalize" the denial and have us accept the VOID that begins to take hold and we are asked to now look at these and see the "invisible" for it still binding and it will remain binding until it is released.

We are born into a construct that seeks to bind us to the actual construct itself. Grief is the foundation for the old earth construct/matrix and the continual sacrifice has to be addressed for wider creation in TRUTH is not about sacrifice, it is about expansion.  Healing can be achieved but not with a hidden puppet master at the helm.

At this time there are various triggers being presented in order that that which has sought to remain invisible will now be OUTLINED IN TRUTH. For in TRUTH there is no death, there is only transmutation and an understanding that is being denied to many who remain at the gates of death sacrificing themselves repeatedly.

In order to rise from the ashes we first of all have to accept that the ashes served a purpose and by accepting said purpose we put out the flames allowing us to both rise and understand.  Rebirth only ever occurs after the understanding is reached, it does not come prior to nor does it unfold within the burning.  No one can put out the flames for us, it has to be an internal acceptance and many will remain in deep denial, for the flames have fanned their entire human life experience and validated the extreme emotions that they simply refuse to look at.  Where we find anger, resentment and despair we find the VOID for it hides the tool of the reaper.  Death reaps but not in the ways that humanity have been conditioned to accept. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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