Working with DEATH in TRUTH

At this time of vast TRANSITION we must understand the role of the last veil which is DEATH

in this our human physical form. We have incarnated into a race that has been conditioned to FEAR change and the biggest change of all is that of DEATH. It is not accepted and it is

therefore denied, that which is denied can hold the deepest chains around us.

As soon as you read the word “death” you will probably have had numerous reference points

suddenly whoosh to your conscious mind. This is part of the hold that we have to WALK

THRU fully, we are BORN ANEW in this our human physical form which means that we

REMOVE ALL THE PRE CODING that we inherited by birthing into this human physical

vehicle. If we cannot face DEATH and look beyond the conditioning then it is akin to driving

along a road and reaching a STOP sign. We will park up the vehicle and wait, believing that

we are not permitted to continue on the road. NOTHING is further from TRUTH.

Christ came to this race in order to reveal to them the VEIL that death is in TRUTH. It is WHY

he went to the CROSS and since then humanity have been wrapped in the veil placed upon

them, that somehow they have to reach the Cross and stop, like the road sign. After all

religion dictates that you meet Him at the Cross and their you stay until your physical vehicle

then stops working and then viola you are in heaven. This is the illusion, the slight of hand

that holds many within humanity at this time.


However we are asked to walk thru it whilst still in LIVING human physical form and for this

journey we require the assistance and protection of the ANGELIC realms. This sees us gather

the frequency levels that we require in order to ALIGN FULLY WITH WIDER CREATION IN


We can view this akin to an air lock separating two rooms. The air lock is there to prevent

that which is in one room reaching the other. Think of a laboratory, which is sealed and kept

in a sanitized condition, lets call this room EARTH and then there is an air lock that is gone

thru where the person who was in the first room, EARTH, takes off all the equipment that they required to walk around in the first room. This stops contamination from entering room 2.

Now in the above example replace this with EARTH and the NEW EARTH. So we approach

the air lock and we have to reach a certain level of frequency to understand the ROOM that

we are exiting. This is to make us aware that we only require the items that we have on our

person for THAT ROOM. So we are made aware of the breathing apparatus (called lungs),

we are made aware of the protective layers we wear (called skin). Once we are aware of all

these and what they do we are able to then take off the layers that we have worn in the first

room because they are only needed for the first room.

So we are now in the air lock. This is known to humanity as LOCK DOWN. It is the stopping

of all activities that were present in the first room because we are no longer within it. We still

have on the protective gear and that which was needed for our walk and work in the first room but we are now asked to decontaminate that which we wore in order that nothing from that walk can be taken beyond the AIR LOCK.

We are asked to remove all the programming, all the protocols and all the information

because it only ever pertained to room one, EARTH. As we are in this air lock we are

reminded why we walked and worked in room one because part of the illusion within first

room is that it is bigger than it is and has more purpose than it has in TRUTH.

Many of us will remain in this air lock for a time yet until we are debriefed and we are re

aligned to our CREATION IN TRUTH purpose once more because the walk and the work in

room one, EARTH was so intense. So the air lock allows for decontamination, REST,

RELAXATION and NOURISHMENT. It is akin to walking off a battlefield and going to the

triage tent to make sure that all of our battle scars are taken care of and that we are healing




So what does DEATH have to do with this scenario? Everything because DEATH has been in

disguise and has had a bad rap to put it bluntly. The role of DEATH in CHRIST is to take back

that which we required in room one, EARTH. It seems very straightforward in the context that

I have outlined but humanity are conditioned that DEATH IS THE END. They are conditioned

repeatedly to reject DEATH in all of its forms. So they hold on to situations, to people, to

relationships and to events fearing that if they are removed that somehow they are less than

they were before. Remember to ENTER ROOM ONE, EARTH you are GIVEN these items

only to function in room one, EARTH. THEY ARE NOT WHO YOU ARE IN TRUTH.

So in the decontamination process there is a mind wash, a body wash and a shampoo and

conditioner that are used in order to bring us back to TRUTH and to reveal to us who WE

ARE in TRUTH. As the OLD is washed away we feel more ourselves, we feel lighter, we feel

that we have been relieved of burdens and we feel expanded. The more that we can work

with DEATH in CHRIST the faster we can decontaminate and the faster that we can

remember who WE ARE in TRUTH.

At this time DEATH in CHRIST is doing the rounds, it will come to us and it will stand in front

of us. It cannot move and help the process without our surrender in CHRIST and we will then

feel the difference between our conditioning and TRUTH itself.

WE ARE asked to recognize and accept that DEATH in CHRIST HONORS us because we

will begin to recognize this energy in TRUTH. It will bring various ANGELS to us to help us navigate and help us recognize who it is in TRUTH. These ANGELS work for CHRIST and do not bow to us at any level. They will re enforce the WILL OF CREATOR and will not let us past the point of our understanding. So we may be held by an ANGEL very firmly. It is the ANGELs purpose to hold us TIGHTLY IN LOVE IN TRUTH because it uses LOVE in TRUTH. It is not there to stop us, it is there to help us remove the conditioning that sees us stop ourselves.

This is a pivotal time in the ascension to full expansion process and WE ARE fully protected.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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