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YOU is all there is in TRUTH

The human life experience is a journey that we are conditioned to accept involves those around us but which in TRUTH only we alone make. We are born into this human physical vehicle alone and we exit this human physical vehicle alone. The journey is the bit in between the birth and the exit but it is not that which it is presented to us as.

At this time those within the expansion in TRUTH process may be having a very intense phase where they are faced with decisions that they would rather not make but the not making a decision is the root of the human life experience. Where we can place the responsibility for our actions at the feet of those around us we somehow side step our own responsibility believing that we are somehow justified in doing this. All that we do when we act from this angle is create a prison from which we then live.

We are here in this human physical form experiencing a human life. This life is only ever our own, no matter how much we love another, know about another, it is our human life experience that is foremost. How we feel can never be experienced exactly the same by another no matter how much we wish this.  How we view the world can never be experienced exactly the same as those around us because they do not have the perspective that we do.  All of this remains hidden and it is hidden in order that we abdicate our own responsibility for our own human life experience.

Whilst we do this we side step our own human life experience, we live our lives thru the lens given to and placed upon us by those around us and in doing so we side step who we are in TRUTH.  It is our responsibility to be happy, what makes us happy is our responsibility, where we come across those who would have us make a different choice we are facing side stepping our own choices.

Take for example human marriage, many couples will find that upon making the decision to marry one another family strife rises to the fore. It may be that the parents of the couple do not agree with their offspring choice of partner, it may be that they think the couple are two young etc.  But in TRUTH it matters not what they think or believe because they are not the couple getting married. Only the actual two people getting married have the responsibility but what many will find is that they will begin to bend to the intense emotional pressure that those around them place at their feet. Always there is a choice, and the choice is always ours.  In the example of the couple getting married, who is actually getting married, who is going to wake up next to the other one each day, who is going to share their entire lives, only the couple not those who may well have opinions but will never have the experience that the couple have with each other.

This is just one example, there are millions of different manifestations,  what about jobs, who actually goes to your place of work , you do, how do you feel about the job? who can feel as you do? no one and yet we are conditioned to take on board the feelings and opinions of those whom we share this human life experience with.

At this time those within the expansion in TRUTH process are being stripped of these choices that others manipulated through them in order to understand the choice that is there and can still be taken.  It is us personally who inhabit our human vehicle, no one else. It is us who have to live within this human physical form and only us who fully understands what this means. At this time we are being asked to be in TRUTH to ourselves. To understand that we have been separated from TRUTH and in the blending back into TRUTH we have to be separated from non TRUTH.

The choice is always ours and as we choose LIFE over death, as we choose TRUTH then the understanding will be reached. A choice is not a death sentence unless we allow it to be for we are ALWAYS FREE TO CHOOSE AGAIN.   TRUTH is a choice that only ever needs to be taken once so when we are faced with a myriad of choices then we know that we are standing in a place where the next step can only ever be TRUTH.  Just as TRUTH is only one color, choice is only one option. For in opening to the door to new life in TRUTH there is only one key that will fit the lock and TURN TO OPEN THE LOCK. All other keys are non TRUTH and cannot be used. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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