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We can never underestimate the power of PRAYER.  The LIGHT that SHINES in this dimensional space referenced as "earth" is TRUTH.  When this is focused upon then it magnifies. 

This prayer is for all of humankind and we can take this prayer into our deep heart space at any time.

Dear Creator we ask that you surround humanity with your Son's Angels, 

That these angels will ward off that which seeks to destroy the peace, the love and the strength of TRUTH, 

that those who are in pain can be held in the GRACE that you supply,

that those who are in trouble may find the path out guided by your Son's angels. 

We call upon the power of Christ to destroy the bondage so that those who feel trapped,

those who feel unloved, those who feel unwanted can feel the touch of TRUTH upon them and stand up. 

We call upon the power of Christ to unlock the suffering of humanity in order that it can be released and healed. 

We call upon the power of Christ to pour thru the wounds of humanity in order to cleanse them and begin the healing process fully. 

We are in service to Creator thru Christ for He is our Father, Christ our Savior and WE are in TRUTH. 


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