Releasing Eden

Re-Genesis© is the full release of eden. It is eden that is within our cellular structure at DNA/RNA level and it is this corruption that sees us fall to the illusion of darkness. Lucifer has created a false starting point and conditioned humanity to accept fully said false starting point. This is akin to us setting off on a journey with false co-ordinates, we are off course before we even start the journey and this has been the experience of many within humanity as Lucifer has sent us round in circles, repeating emotional trauma over and over again. There is in TRUTH only one exit point for humanity and this is Christ through whom we re-connect back to our Creator YHWY. 

The construct of religion has humanity stuck at the Cross with Christ and has sought to keep humanity there. Christ went to the Cross for our sins and HE AROSE BEYOND DEATH.  The going into and surviving death is the part that is hidden and denied to humanity. For many can accept that a human man was nailed to a cross and died but it is the human logical mind which will deny that a human man can go into death and return from death.  Christ did this to show us the power of our Creator YHWY, to show us that death is not the end and that death is another illusion that Lucifer has conditioned humanity to accept. 

The false starting point is that Adam & Eve were the first creation of God. This is not TRUTH, the first creation was the above as stated in Genesis 1:27.  This false starting point is the copy point of Lucifer. As Lucifer has no creation rights (angels do not have creation rights and therefore all fallen angels who promise can only ever promise, non delivery is always explained as a fault on the human asking) he could not replicate the original creation of our Creator YHWY.  Lucifer's creation is not equal, this illusion is a deep one with humanity continually seeking equality but never reaching it due to the corrupted frequency in the Adam & Eve copy.  Eve was born of Adam, Adam was first with Eve second, we can see this play out in humanity in the waking world with the division stronger than ever at this time as male and female turn on one another believing the lie that Lucifer has conditioned humanity to accept.