Re-Genesis™ Part 2

We are moving beyond that which we have ever experienced and in order to achieve this we are being repaired as it were from DNA/RNA level.  All is frequency but such is the focus (and heavy conditioning to keep said focus in place) that is placed on the "solid" physical that this is hidden to the naked human eyes. 

It is vital that we begin to work to release this heavy conditioning and allow our naked human eyes to adjust so that our primary response to the outer waking reality is that of seeing the frequency.  This takes practice which our Creator YHWY will provide for us repeatedly until we release the conditioning and begin to view the outer walking reality in TRUTH. 

As our human physical vehicle is cleansed and cleared of fractal resonance and the lower dimensional frequencies that give birth to said resonance we are moved into a phase of DNA/RNA reparation.  It is the lower dimensional frequencies that have limited our human physical life experience and has kept us in a containment that is validated and strengthened by the old earth construct/matrix.  Science does not aid us, nor does knowledge because both are manifestations of the validation frequency that the old earth construct/matrix uses to protect itself. It is like the transparent bubble that the old earth construct/matrix is enclosed within that seeks to keep it separate from wider creation in TRUTH. It is the opening of our deep heart space and the anchoring of our SPIRIT in TRUTH that allows for this reparation to take place. It cannot be done from the viewpoint of the human logical mind or the external viewpoint due to the frequencies that patrol said dimensional spaces.

As wider creation in TRUTH is organic and is TRUTH then the re-alignment our human physical vehicle must be done under the full surrender to our Creator YHWY. It was He who originally created man and woman and the dimensional space in which humanity are born into is not of our Creator YHWY.  This is hidden by the construct of religion which seeks to place focus on the second creation and seeks to validate its version of "creation" through the re-writing, butchering and hiding of various prophetic texts. Language is used to distract and is the slight of hand that darkness has used to validate its continual rebellion. Without humanity trapped in this dimensional space darkness would not be able to survive, humanity are the food source and we are cut off from TRUTH and validation of our own creation purpose through the dimensional space and its needs to distract us. 

Our "waking up" was only ever possible through our Creator YHWY sending His Son, Christ into the dimensional space that is referenced as earth in order to physically reveal the lie that keeps us within this space, that of death being the end.  The distraction is in the debate, the denial and the discussion which is fueled by the construct of religion which manifests in various forms. The "hiding" of information (put in inverted commas because nothing is hidden when you view it as frequency) places humanity at a false starting point, which creates a false context which birth a false assumption which births the outer waking reality that humanity have manifested around them. 

Wider creation in TRUTH is TRUTH and now as this begins to trickle into the hearts of those who incarnated to expand the path that Christ made in His entering and exiting of said dimensional space the dissolving will speed up. Darkness knows this and of course has sought to reference prophecy by tying it to the construct of religion. We require NO religion to access TRUTH and Christ, indeed many who seek Christ are pulled to the imitation that darkness presents as Christ. In doing so they are dis-empowered by being held at the Cross and conditioned to remain in repentance and then harvested from as their emotional distress is used to hold the construct in place. 

We do not bow to Christ in TRUTH, we walk WITH and IN Him. He is the frequency that is required to walk in TRUTH and He keeps us aligned with TRUTH. When we step off the path we will find ourselves opposed until we surrender and start walking again. Darkness knows this and will attempt to have us step out of Christ. The Re-Genesis that we enter in this phase of the expansion process seeks to align us at DNA/RNA level with Christ, it makes Him part of us. It resets our context, our dimensional base line frequency and allows us to walk where others cannot walk.  They cannot walk purely down to the frequency that they carry and have anchored, nothing else. It does not depend on how educated you are or are not, how much money you have or have not, it depends solely on frequency and bandwidth.