Reaching out for Salvation in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

Conditioning within the old earth is strong and deep. For many the assumption that connecting to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ involves religion is strong.  Religion has nothing to do with our Creator YHWY nor His Son, Christ.  Indeed Christ spoke out repeatedly against the construct of religion as He walked among humanity but this is hidden by the construct itself. 

Reaching out to our Creator YHWY is done by opening our heart space and choosing a different way of life.  It is done by accepting Christ fully in TRUTH, it does not necessarily involve even entering a church let alone adopting the ritual and rote that the construct thrives upon. For many early experiences of religion color their current reality, for religion seeks to constrain and contain, seeking to define "sin" and to control and manipulate the human life experience itself.  This leaves us open to the emotional debris that is continually harvested through the construct. 

Having spent almost 2 years within a version of religion that actively sought to denounce humanity itself it showed the skewing of reality that happens when humanity assumes and allows very human interpretation to lead to the way. 

Reaching Salvation in TRUTH is personal, it is a unique experience that seeks to provide the solution to the human life experience itself.  Religion seeks to manipulate this through human hierarchy and power struggles that are hidden to the congregations who are conditioned to follow ritual and rote and are kept in the bondage that this provides at an emotional level.  This manifests as further control and manipulation and is kept in place through said emotional debris. Our connection to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ is personal.  It does not require a third party, it only requires our acceptance fully of Christ in TRUTH.  Religion is a hidden danger that is only now manifesting in TRUTH, for as humanity seeks to gain control of the every uncontrollable outer waking reality then prophesy will solidify at physical human level. Those who have sought to enslave humanity through various constructs will be illuminated in order they can be seen in TRUTH.