Reclaiming our authority IN Christ in TRUTH


It is vital that we separate the construct of religion from Christ in TRUTH, we can never find Him within the construct, indeed the construct seeks to keep us out of step and following.  Just as walking behind a vehicle prevents us from being in said vehicle we must realize the distortion and the slight of hand that has been used.  Being IN the vehicle allows for us to be transported fully.  View Christ as the vehicle IN which we receive our Salvation, our healing, our redemption, unless we are IN said vehicle it is kept just out of reach and serves no purpose whatsoever. 

The construct of religion will seek to have us bow to the vehicle, have us bow to an idol and to prevent us accessing that which is within Him.  Our Creator YHWY sent His Son, Christ to show us TRUTH.  To reveal that which has been kept hidden from the world, LOVE in TRUTH.  In order for healing in TRUTH to be received we have to be IN Him fully. 

The work shared on Releasing Eden is a journey, out of the confusion and the slight of hand that is used in the human life experience in order to align fully with TRUTH.  It is not subjective, TRUTH JUST IS and stands firm, it is our own conditioning that prevents us from accessing TRUTH and the journey is one that we are called to.  Many will be called from various sections of humanity, many from within the construct of religion, many from non religion, many from the new age religion and many more from across nationalities, cultures and age groups, both males and females. It may make little sense to suddenly start to question that which you have walked and felt comfortable within for most of your human physical life experience and yet TRUTH cannot remain hidden. 

It is our Creator YHWY who lights the spark within our heart space that whispers to us that there is vastly more and that we are being called to answer a question that we often cannot even form verbally. It is Christ who comes to us and asks permission to work within us.  He knocks at the door of our deepest heart space and asks to come inside.  This first step is relatively easy, we give permission then the journey begins.  Often we have no idea that which we will experience on said journey but we will recognize one thing and that is TRUTH. The knocking of Christ on the door to our inner most heart space comes to us in the most normal of situations.  We do not have to be within a physical building for this to happen, it may be that we have a chance conversation, a chance piece of information crosses our path or even that we have a very clear dream that affects us deeply.  Our Creator YHWY knows just how to reach us and when. 

We will begin then to have the world around us deciphered for us.  We must understand that we made this decision PRIOR to our incarnation into this human physical form. If you are wondering "why me?" the question is simple to answer, because before you incarnated into human physical form you stood in front of our Creator YHWY and agreed to walk in TRUTH in said human physical form. The "waking up" phase is in our Creator YHWY's timing and it is He who creates the opportunity and window that is required to step out of the blindness that being born into this dimensional space creates.  

We are not whom we are labelled in this our human physical form, it matters not your age, your gender, your culture, your level of knowledge, our Creator YHWY KNOWS HIS OWN CHILDREN and will call to them.  We are here for a purpose which is now being revealed as we go thru the expansion in TRUTH process. If you have found this website and this information resonates then welcome home, we already know one another, perhaps not in this human physical form but spiritually we have always known each other and now we come together at a human physical waking level to continue the work that we agreed to prior to being incarnated. 

Joel 2:32 (KJV) 

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.