Releasing that which no longer serves in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

We are held in place through the lower dimensional frequencies that are anchored within our human physical vehicle.  As our Spirit in TRUTH begins to clear out said human physical vehicle and spring cleans as it were, we will be faced with letting go of that which no longer serves us in TRUTH. 

We have to allow movement into full understanding which only ever can be reached through allowing the physical human experience that is gifted to us through our Spirit in TRUTH. 

We were born into and have lived within a construct that sought to teach us that separation, trauma and pain are real and are all that can ever be experienced in this our human physical form. This is not TRUTH  and we will have adapted and created various ways of coping with said reality, we require to fully surrender all of this because it will hamper our movement beyond this pivotal point. 

Let us use an example in order to illustrate that which we require to let go of.  Lets say that we have become a very adept swimmer, we can swim underwater for a few lengths and we are at ease within water. Whether it be a swimming pool, a beach, it matters not, we are confident that should we find ourselves within a body of deep water we have the skills to get through it.  Now let us move to a dessert where the pools of water do not exist. We have gone from a scenario of being confident around pools of water to a scenario where we will not require the skills that we previously honed and used.  The dessert scenario requires us to hone other skills and to be comfortable in a completely different environment.  We require no swimming skills at all because we no longer require to deal with water, now we must adjust and become comfortable with no water there.  

What may come up immediately within the example above for many people is the assumption that the dessert is more hostile than the previous swimming scenario.  Both JUST ARE, it is what we have to do within the different scenarios that changes everything.  We did not choose to be born into the water scenario and have to learn how to swim and to work with water, it was what we adapted to.  The dessert we are moved into is a choice that we make through our surrender. We will not drown in the dessert, nor will we bake to death, but in TRUTH the water is not there, the water was created through the assumptions and false teachings that saw us HAVE to adapt and to remain within the water landscape. 

Revelation 21:1 (KJV)

 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

It is vital that we remain in full surrender to TRUTH during this phase of the expansion process because our human logical mind holds to the skills that we have gained through the false reality that we have been conditioned to accept. We will be given very physical experience of the need to let go of said skills and it is to be remembered that we cannot let go of TRUTH. It is in the letting go that the lie that was hidden is revealed, never before hand, understanding is gained through physical experience. 

It is also vital that we understand that we are moving from existing and surviving to LIVING in TRUTH. Two completely different scenarios and the need to let go of the "fight or flight" response will become overwhelming because it is not TRUTH and it stands guard to the false reference points that we have simply accepted and unconsciously anchored in this our human life experience in the old earth construct/matrix.