Releasing that which no longer serves Part 2

It must be noted that we are moving into an evolution of our human life experience and we are finding balance between our SPIRIT in TRUTH and our human physical vehicle.  The human physical vehicle has been used as a housing for the human soul forever and as such contains that which could be referenced as "muscle memory" which works against the process of balance if not addressed.  The term "muscle memory" is appropriate because we have as we have incarnated adapted to the needs of the human soul.  So much like driving a car, we will start off making ourselves familiar with said vehicle then after we have been driving for a while we will automatically adjust in order to drive said vehicle, it goes from our conscious waking mind into our subconscious then our unconscious.  The human vehicle is born of a human vehicle that has a soul already resident.  The human soul that is placed within the human vehicle that we exist within on physical plane has remnants of this "driving" deep within the connective tissue and memory patterns of the human vehicle.   

As we have released the human soul it has left an imprint that must be dissolved fully in order that our SPIRIT in TRUTH may become fully anchored and resident within our human physical vehicle. If not then we face the "ghost in the machine" scenario where the imprint of the human soul will work against the needs of our SPIRIT in TRUTH and we will go into a sort of limbo. This is not TRUTH and is addressed in the phase of releasing the imprint that we are moved into within the expansion in TRUTH process. 

As the needs of the human soul that we have released differ vastly from our SPIRIT in TRUTH there will be clashes, remember the human soul had needs only aligned with the old earth construct/matrix itself, nothing wider than this and it also had a very narrow and conditioned viewpoint.  The context in which the human soul worked is not TRUTH and this context requires to be dissolved fully.  During this cleansing and clearing process we will require to let go of things that were perhaps crucial and foundational to the human soul that we released. We are aligning with wider Creation in TRUTH and we have no context in which to place this until we reach understanding which is only ever achieved by our surrender to the process underway. 

We lose nothing that is TRUTH and this is perhaps the most challenging part of the cleansing and clearing process for our human soul assumed that which we are asked to release was TRUTH. It may have been a deep and long lasting part of our human life experience but this does not make it TRUTH and the more we have aligned with non TRUTH in this way the more challenging we may find this part of the cleansing and clearing process. The challenge comes in the form of the reactions of those around us who will find it difficult to accept our behavior and our reactions as these will have become different to that which they are used to and that which they have navigated from. (Those around us have navigated by placing anchors within us and those around them and used this to assume their position in the outer waking reality). 

We require to be anchored in TRUTH which is out with the old earth construct/matrix itself and our understanding of the context of our entire human life experience until said moment will be reviewed. Often we will find ourselves in shock at the level of non TRUTH that we accepted but this is not why we review the context, we have to reach understanding in order to let go, we cannot let go of something that we do not yet understand.  So our Creator YHWY will push us to allow the unfolding of the physical experience of the letting go in order for us to reach the understanding necessary to allow the movement of our SPIRIT in TRUTH whilst within our human physical vehicle. 

It cannot be underestimated just how cleansing and clearing this process is. From what we used to drink and eat, to what we used to do to relax, how we relate to those around us, who we allow in our human life experience and at what level, all will begin to rapidly change for we are becoming "new", we are just in the housing in which we incarnated into the physical waking reality that humanity accept is "earth".   On saying this how we actually physically look and behave will also begin to change and alter as that which we fuel our human physical vehicle with changes and alters.  Our human physical vehicle itself is undergoing advanced and mostly not understood changes at DNA/RNA level. All will become more and more obvious to us and we must adapt to the changes and let go of all need to somehow "control" the process for we are no longer in the driving seat of this our human life experience. We have gone from being a viewer to becoming an active participant in the evolution of humanity and this will begin to make more sense as we move further into the process itself. 

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new