Releasing the Frequency of Death in TRUTH

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4 (KJV)

Releasing Eden

One of the biggest challenges that we ever face is the physical death of a loved one. It is only at the moment of the experience of said physical death that we can even begin to understand that which is hidden to us until then.  We are heavily conditioned to "assume" and in doing so we create a very powerful illusion. There are various levels to said conditioning especially around age, method and relationship. 

During the expansion in TRUTH process itself we will be moved and guided through various levels of conditioning, each level clearing and cleansing so that we can address by challenging the next level, much like digging a hole the digging to begin with may be relatively easy with little effort required. But as we dig deeper we exert more energy and the actual process gets tougher.  This is because of the way that the conditioning of the old earth construct/matrix is delivered. It builds upon itself creating a very dense weave and because this weave is not seen from any other vantage point except that which can be achieved within the process we cannot see the larger picture. 

Let us use an example to illustrate, in this our human physical form the human form itself is finite. It has a shelf life if you will but we are conditioned to ignore this and to place our focus on said human physical form with heavy conditioning put in place with regard to "ageing" and 'physical appearance".  We are conditioned to fear the ageing process itself, we cannot understand something that triggers a fear response within us, our human logical mind will pull out all stops to prevent us from reaching understanding because it works to separate us from the assumed fear and so the dance begins. 

As we move through the process of expansion in TRUTH and as we address the fractal resonance that has to be cleared we will find ourselves at the ROOT that has bound all of humanity to a space that is not part of wider creation in TRUTH and has seen humanity denied to wider creation in TRUTH because of that which is seeded deep within humanity itself. We are asked to address the lie that is death and to work to release the frequency of death itself.  The human logical mind will work against us fully in this phase because the human logical mind is also finite.  It is our SPIRIT

that is gifted to us at the start of this process that now takes over as it were for our SPIRIT is infinite and eternal.  It is our SPIRIT that knows TRUTH and this anchoring of TRUTH has to take place in order that we can balance our SPIRIT with our human physical form. Prior to this we are at the mercy of the old earth construct/matrix due to the bindings that affect the human physical vehicle.  Darkness cannot hold our SPIRIT for our SPIRIT is of our Creator YHWY and darkness knows this so it will effect all, any and every attack at a human physical vehicle level. It will attempt repeatedly to trigger the human logical mind knowing that the seeds planted grow in doubt and are helped in their growth through the acceptance of the fear of those around us, especially with regard to close family. 

We will be held in place and opposed fully when we attempt to address any of this through the human logical mind, we must move into our heart space and surrender fully to our SPIRIT because our SPIRIT is of our Creator YHWY, TRUTH JUST IS and we do not choose what we accept as TRUTH and what we do not. This does not mean that we will simply roll over and accept all that we are shown and in being shown will be given physical verification of.  Our SPIRIT knows that which binds us and that which blinds us and works to release us from this at all moments of all moments. It is our "free will" that is attached to the remnants of "self" that attempts to state its authority and this is rebellion.  There is no protection in our rebellion so we are fully opposed to keep us "safe".  We are covered fully by the Grace of our Creator YHWY when we are in full surrender. 

That which will spring to life as it were to challenge us in this phase of the cleansing and clearing process is that which we have been subject to and have accepted through the dense construct of religion, and by this is meant all variants of the construct of religion. The construct itself in its myraid of forms works to keep us in the loop of belief of "death is the end" and nothing is further from TRUTH.  Our human physical from is finite, it will break down and it will stop working but our SPIRIT is eternal and lives eternally. Our SPIRIT does not require a human physical form in which to live, this cannot be understood fully from the vantage point of this our human physical form because our human logical mind demands that we have a human vehicle in which to live. The human logical mind is finite, it sees only what it permits to be seen  and is aligned fully with the human physical vehicle we have incarnated into. 

This sets up a very powerful and deep illusion in respect of who we are in TRUTH and why we are in TRUTH.  None of this can be approached from within the construct/matrix into which our human physical form is birthed.  This is akin to walking in a hall full of mirrors attempting to work out which reflection is actually us when the entire point of the hall of mirrors is to hide who we are. We can break all the mirrors in the hall, but we will still never reach the understanding we require to reach because the search is still external.  We hold TRUTH internally and allow it to be reached internally which then alters the outer waking reality as that which is non TRUTH dissolves.  The frequency of TRUTH breaks through our heart space and then flows outwards, we are not anchoring TRUTH externally into ourselves, that is not possible, the sealed matrix that we are incarnated into is designed to fool us into accepting all that is not TRUTH.  It is our heart space that is connected beyond the construct/matrix and why the construct/matrix seeks to have us remain within logic and reason and the human mind.