Releasing the Frequency of Death in TRUTH part 2

Releasing Eden

It is vital that we begin to allow the understanding to anchor within us, deep within our heart space.  The human logical mind will attempt to fight back and it does this by using the "doubt" that is then supported by those around us who are not within this process. If allowed to grow the "doubt" will move us back into the rebellion that is not supported by our Creator YHWY and which will see us held in place fully until we can reach the understanding that we are in fact "waiting for ourselves" and that we are not at the mercy of outside influence. 

This is played with by darkness repeatedly, the human logical mind second guessing itself and then feeding upon it. When we feel this begin to stir within us we must actively move into surrender. This is done by challenging that which the logical human mind is trying to persuade us to believe.  We do this through "prayer" and this may be challenging for those who have had interactions with the construct of religion.  There is power in prayer but prayer has been referenced in a dis-empowering way through the construct of religion. Through prayer we are enforcing the Will of our Creator YHWY and we do this through connecting to Christ first and foremost.  Many who have walked in any of the variations of the construct of religion approach prayer in a way that sees their prayers work against them. We are not apologizing through prayer, we are not asking in the context of "please help me, i am powerless" but in the context of "I need help and your power to clear this from around me".  

Prayer is a weapon that is used in the Grace and Protection of our Creator YHWY.  Unless it is done in this way it is simply rote and ritual and the construct of religion was created to validate this way of praying.  Many sit within churches reciting words that merely create sound, nothing else.  Darkness knows the power of prayer and has sought to condition humanity to neutralize their prayers. 

It is important to note that within the expansion process we are going through a process of gaining in strength and understanding. Once we are shown TRUTH we are then expected to harness said TRUTH.  So for example the power of prayer explained above, once we are shown this and it is revealed to us then we are asked to use this weapon when required. Our Creator YHWY will give us signs that we require to do this and will sit with us until we pick up this weapon and begin to use it. Like any loving Father He is not equipping us with skills and tools in order for us to defer to Him repeatedly in the use of them. Take for example getting driving lessons from our Creator YHWY, He will show us how to navigate, He will show us how to control the car, how to park the car etc.  He will then expect us to do this without His prodding us to do so.  He will sit next to us in the passenger seat and He will remind us until He knows that we have mastered the skill then when we require to use said skill He will remain silent.  He knows we are mastered in the skill and that we require practice and He will remain silent until we begin to understand this also.  Just like on the human physical plane that we physically reside and we will undertake a driving "test", our Creator YHWY will test our skills and will do so in a very controlled environment which will look other than it is to us at this human context level. 

Just as in this physical realm in respect of driving a car, the real driving of the car takes place with no driving instructor beside us, we require to drive said car gaining experience and this experience is provided by our Creator YHWY, always we are protected in our surrender and He actively supports our experience. It is us in this our human physical form that may interpret His actions as other than they are in TRUTH. 

Our Heavenly Father is a just and loving Father, the construct of religion was designed to give a different context and view and to have us bow down to Him in constant fear of retribution.  We are required to RESPECT our Heavenly Father and to surrender to His Will. We are not required to bow to Him out of any fear whatsoever.  This will be a challenging phase of the process for those who have been indoctrinated through the construct of any, all and any religion but we will be moved into TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS and it is what we stand upon firmly. 

1 Corinthians 2:5 (KJV)

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God