Releasing the SOUL Contract part one 

SOUL Contract

The SOUL is not TRUTH, it is construct of the old earth itself and those most susceptible to the false teachings are those trapped within the new age religion. It is simply not possible to fully release the entire SOUL Construct without the aid of our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ.

SOUL Contracts are strongholds and are policed by Lucifer himself. Without the spirit being active and living within the human vehicle the SOUL Contract cannot be released on all levels. 

Re-Genesis© is the phase of the exit process that allows for full release of the SOUL Contract and can only be reached beyond the human logical mind and when fully in the heart space in TRUTH. 

It is to be noted that when approaching this phase of the ascension process the SOUL will actively trigger the human logical mind seeking to validate itself. This is why it is vital that acceptance of Christ in TRUTH takes place for without this the SOUL Contract simply resets itself. The illusion is very deep when it comes to the SOUL for humanity has been conditioned to interchange the word "soul" with "spirit".  As explained here the SOUL is not from our Creator YHWY, only our Spirit is of our Creator YHWY and both cannot reside within our human vehicle as the SOUL will reject the Spirit in TRUTH. 

It is our Spirit that guides us, it is our Spirit and only our Spirit that is aligned with our Creator YHWY and requires full activation through Christ before any permanent release of the old earth frequencies can take place. This is a hold that Lucifer has placed upon humanity and remains hidden to many especially those trapped within the new age movement who are taught to actively engage with their SOUL and to accept the contracts that they find. The ROOT Contract can only ever be found by Christ for the ROOT Contract was created out with human linear time. This is not accepted by the humanl logical mind which actively creates illusions as a way of protecting the ROOT Contract.