Allowing FLOW in TRUTH

We are asked when we approach BACE Camp to allow all stagnant pools of emotional residue to be washed clean and clear.  We do this in preparation for the BRIDGE as we cannot take anything across the BRIDGE that was created within the Old Earth Matrix conditioning. 

Allowing LOVE in TRUTH to flow comes thru full surrender within the process and of allowing the full flow into the areas of the human life experience that we have permitted to become both isolated and stagnant.  

It is our Creator who will illuminate these for us as these stagnant areas are protected thru the frequency of grief, separation and division.  We work with the Skull Collective to gain entry to parts of the human emotional landscape that are highly guarded within the Old Earth Matrix and thru which we are prevented from walking in this our human physical form without full protection from the Skull Collective at a Matrix level. 

The High Council of Orion support us fully during this transition and we may find that "memories" begin to arise within us and remain until we take the appropriate action thru meditation and various other tools provided to release and surrender these stagnant pools. 

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE"

High Council of Orion thru Karen Doonan