Removal of Internal Veils

Releasing Eden

There are many within humanity who are being led astray due to the above veils. Having had the very personal and intense experience of such a group I can confirm that simply attempting to recreate that which has already passed serves no one. We become a new person in Christ and the new is something that has never been experienced before, it is not a shinier or somehow better or alternative version of that which has already been experienced within humanity.  This of course triggers the human logical mind which has been conditioned to not only look for patterns but to establish and maintain ritual.  This may seem a very odd thing to state but it is important that we define "ritual".  For the purposes of this article it is that which is repeated over and over again in order to reach an outcome.  So for example humanity are conditioned to get up in the morning, to eat breakfast, clean their teeth etc.  The component parts of this form a :morning ritual" but it not necessarily considered to be one as it is assumed that everyone who is human form does this and it is part of the human life experience. This blinding to rote and ritual is part of the chaining to Lucifer's world that we seek to dissolve as we walk with Christ through the Salvation in TRUTH process itself. 

It cannot be underestimated the war that rages at that this time that plays out on the physical level.  Many are being blinded by accepting that which the human eyes see only and many are simply shrugging their shoulders falling to the belief that somehow they have "no choice, its just the way the way that things are".  

Revelation 3:15 - 16 (KJV)

 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

We will be opposed by our Creator YHWY when we attempt to remain on the fence as it were.  There is in TRUTH no fence, we are either for or against our Creator YHWY and as the veils are removed in the Salvation in TRUTH process we begin to reach the understanding of how and why we simply could not see that which we are now able to see.  It is the gifting of the Holy Spirit that allows us to understand that which remains hidden to those not within the Salvation in TRUTH process.  Simply trying to research or read the Word of YHWY does not lead to understanding but only to further knowledge that Lucifer uses further to chain those who choose the path of knowledge tighter to the actual construct itself.  Knowledge has no purpose in the end times other than to be used by Lucifer as a blindfold to those who refuse to surrender to Christ and who attempt to use the human logical mind to find a way out of something that it is not possible to leave without full surrender to Christ, Himself. 

We are asked to have compassion but also to understand that we are being divided.  It is our Creator YHWY who is dividing His Children from Lucifer's.   We cannot see by using only our human eyes, we cannot hear using only our human ears and this will again trigger many within humanity who hold on to this as some sort of shield.  We have been pawns in a game that has been ongoing since the lie was created in human form and sold to humanity as other than it is in TRUTH.  

We are asked to remain firm within the Salvation in TRUTH process, to allow Christ to reveal TRUTH to us at a human everyday waking level and to ask for the grace and understanding that we require in order to move more fully through the process. At no point can we ever return to that which we came from for the process is an EXODUS in TRUTH.  It is a movement away from the lies of Lucifer and more fully into TRUTH.  TRUTH JUST IS, nothing we have ever been told about this our human life experience is as it appears to be and it does not matter how many within humanity hold tight to the lie, TRUTH JUST IS and will remain.  Indeed it is the lies that are dissolving and many within humanity are attempting to keep hold of the lies believing that they are truth because to surrender the lie requires surrendering the entirety of the human life experience itself.  In short when we enter the Salvation in TRUTH process we must respond with full surrender, we do not get to pick and choose which pieces of the human life experience remain and which are shifted and healed for it was all founded on a lie.  As the lie is dissolved then the entire human life experience changes and shifts and the picture that is then revealed is nothing like we expect or are conditioned to accept.  

We walk always by the Grace of our Creator YHWY for He has promised:

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.