Salvation in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

In this our human form it is exceptionally easy to fall to the human logical mind and its projections. Many who have fallen to the construct that is religion are being held in a false illusion, that of salvation when in TRUTH they are being held in place at the Cross.  It cannot ever be underestimated the power of darkness when it comes to the illusion of salvation that is offered.  Many within humanity would defend their religion to the hilt, ignoring that which is presented to them and going on the attack.  The construct of religion has fueled wars that are still ongoing, it has divided humanity and sought to become more powerful than the Word of YHWY.  

It is vital that the construct is seen as separate from those who are trapped within it. Just as we are all born into Lucifer's world until we exit through Salvation in TRUTH we are subject to the strongholds, dominions and curses placed upon humanity until we are released from them through the Salvation in TRUTH process itself. If you have accepted Christ into your heart space but are still battling with issues that were present before you accepted Christ then you are still at the Cross and darkness will attempt to persuade you to keep the fight going in order to continue to harvest from said fight. 

Turning human against human within the illusion is a major component of said illusion. Darkness harvests from human emotional pain for all emotional pain begins from spiritual separation from our Creator YHWY. When we look in the mirror we only see what our human logical mind is conditioned to see. We do not see the separation, the strongholds, the curses, dominions or spells that are active and are affecting our human life experience. We are our ancestors, we are the physical manifestation of all that has gone before us at a DNA/RNA level. This TRUTH is hidden in plain view, so strong is the illusion presented to humanity at this time that many are too "busy" fighting to maintain the illusion of "control" that no thought is ever given to that which is actively playing out. We do not have to believe that darkness exists for it to control and manipulate our life experience, we do not have to believe in our Creator YHWY, the fact that we are in human form is enough for the manipulation to be active for it is Lucifer's world all humanity is born into. The fight that we are persuaded is ours is not ours, it is between Lucifer and our Creator YHWY, humanity is the tool that Lucifer uses in order to continue his rebellion. In order to step out of this manipulation we must connect and accept the Salvation in TRUTH that only Christ can provide. All else is still the battlefield that darkness will have humanity remain on continually. 

We do not fight darkness on our own, we do not fight darkness at all in TRUTH, we simply step into the protection that is afforded us through Christ's Victory on the Cross. It is His blood that covers us, it is His authority that protects us and it is His guidance that walks us through and beyond death into new life in TRUTH, beyond the Cross where Lucifer and darkness has ZERO POWER.