SEALING of the 144,000 in TRUTH

All that has hidden behind the veil that is the "spiritual plane" will be revealed in TRUTH. We have been continually warned about "ascended masters", "angels" and "the fallen" however the hijacking of "spirituality" and the need for humanity to make it a "lifestyle" in an attempt to neutralize and rationalize it has seen many fall to the very deep illusion that it is in TRUTH. 

Now Creator YHWY has removed the veil and in doing so has revealed a corruption that many are still refusing to accept. As the spiritual plane now "empties" and the entities that hide there begin to move thru into the physical plane we will begin to see to levels that have been hidden to us until this moment. 

The sealing of the 144,000 is now underway for this was always to play out on the physical plane in which humanity exist. It is why PHASE TWO moves the physical in TRUTH.  We did not come here to remain neutral and those called now are those who incarnated to aid in the freeing of a race that has been enslaved from the moment they were created in this dimensional space.