Sealing Skulls


It is vital that we understand that we are bound through that which we cannot physically see in this our human physical form. Sacred geometry is used against humanity on all levels of awareness and all and every dimensional level, both inter and multi dimensionally.  Therefore before we begin the journey that brings our physical human form out of said bindings we require to have support at these levels. Our human eyes create and support the illusion that is presented to us as solid and enduring and we have to be able to dissolve the illusion in order to see where we stand in TRUTH.

Many who are now moving further into the expansion in TRUTH process will have begun their spiritual journey involving the skull collective.  It may have been an interest that was put to one side during the cleansing and clearing part of the process and many may have wondered the role of the skulls in their journey as they stepped away from them. But the skulls have not been silent, they have been waiting and now they step forward in order to aid us in THEIR CREATION PURPOSE which is to part the spiritual waters in order that we are protected at a cellular level from that which was created in order to prevent us following Christ beyond the realm of human death.  As we die to our old human life experience we require to die to the experiences that we went through in said human life but Lucifer created the human physical vehicle to store trauma, so we have to move the human physical vehicle past the trauma, without the human physical vehicle we have no way of walking in physical form, our human physical vehicle is our "home" during this our human life experience. 

Lucifer knew that we would require to do this so he created a deep illusion around the skull collective and persuaded humanity to adopt skulls as "idols" knowing that this would prevent or delay those who worked with the skull collective from taking the skulls with them as they began their journey beyond and into TRUTH.  It may be very challenging for those who have walked in the construct of religion to work with skulls as they have been accepted and supported in a role that was never their creation purpose. Just as Christ has been sold to humanity as an "idol" on a cross and been kept there by the construct of religion (especially the catholic construct with the symbol of a human male nailed to a cross) so too have the skulls been placed in a context that seeks to prevent them reaching their creation purpose in TRUTH. 

The skulls who now step forward will ONLY work with Christ and will refuse to work any further without this connection, this is to protect both skull and caretaker.  We are now venturing into spiritual dimensional spaces that humanity have been kept from understanding.  It is akin to walking on water for those who are at this phase of the expansion in TRUTH process and it natural to feel that this is going to see us sink. It will not, but we have to take that step of faith and know that our Creator YHWY will support us fully, indeed He will oppose us if we do not take this step. We cannot go back into the old earth construct/matrix because we have dissolved it as we walked out of it, we cannot tread water indefinitely because we would simply wear out, we cannot remain in limbo, we must go beyond and as Moses did, walk between the walls of water (human emotion) in order to reach the promised land. 

To seal your skull to Christ and to begin the process of working at this level please order a one to one session with Karen, information can be found HERE