Level 1 Sentry passes are designed to permit you to release the very deep seated patterning within your family lineage. This covers ancestral lineage and releases patterns of behavior, rote and ritual associated with "culture". 

This is a requirement because the human physical vehicle will be prevented from walking beyond the boundaries that these patterns place upon the human life experience itself. 


Level 2 Sentry passes are designed to permit you to release the deep seated patterning from your SOUL CONTRACT.  These are the echoes that interfere with the frequency bandwidth that your SPIRIT in TRUTH emits. 

SOUL Contract echoes work like spiritual sonar allowing those who still have SOUL contracts intact to find you and attempt to have you reset to the SOUL Contract purpose which is in direct opposition to your SPIRIT in TRUTH purpose. This clears the "limbo" effect that is generate thru these "echoes". 

Sentry Pass requirements are addressed thru the frequency re-alignment, re-coding and re-setting available thru ONE TO ONE Sessions with Karen.  

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