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Session with Karen

It may be overwhelming to know where to begin, one to one sessions with Karen are informal, identifying the disruptive frequencies.  These last approx 90 mins. (Platform to be mutually agreed) 

Image by Jamie Street

Personal  messages from Beyond

Often we will hit moments in our spiritual journey where we feel lost or confused.  This is the perfect time to reach out to our Archangels and those who are Beyond in order to help us navigate forward. Angels will always leave a sign that they are around and ready to help, from a feather to a penny at your feet, they continually leave little tokens to alert you to their presence. 

As a conduit, Karen is able to bring thru the messages that those Beyond wish to speak to us here in our human physical form.  Having shared their messages across the world for a number of linear years these messages are now taking on more and more relevance. 

We live in a time of increasing chaos and much upheaval, allow the Archangels and those from Beyond to speak with you to aid you at this time. 

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