As we adjust to the new and expansive energies we will be rerouted to our relevant CREATION in TRUTH purposes.  This requires some re-alignment internally and these services are offered to accommodate this fully. 

Be Blessed

Karen x 

Services offered 

CLEARING THE BLOCKS in the HEART SPACE - to order click here

Very often it is the pain and trauma that has settled within the heart space that prevents us from movement, we may feel that there is a step to be taken but each time we try to look within we feel even more confused. Creator will always try to push us thru the blocks that are present within us because Creator knows the blocks are non TRUTH. It can be highly frustrating to be in a space where we can feel some movement but then bam it gets stopped and we end up going round in circles. Indeed this CIRCULAR movement is an indicator that the block is attempting to have us simply go around and around, we require to go THRU.  This service is ideal if you feel that you are simply going round in circles or getting nowhere.  

UNIVERSAL UPGRADES -  click here to order 

This service is offered to aid you in moving frequency bandwidths.  These movements are beyond the more general energy updates that are a natural progression along your path.  These upgrades are specific to your Creation in TRUTH purpose which until the point of illumination may remain a mystery to you!  There is good reason for this and this service is offered to help you clear the confusion, clear any blockages that prevent you accepting who you are and why you are here. 


Channeled guidance is offered at this time to help you connect more fully with the energy that is attempting to make contact with you. Many people wrongly assume that they are aligned only with say one star system or one angel. This is non TRUTH and is not supported. At any one time a star system may reach out to you and wish to speak directly to you to address various aspects of your journey. Therefore this service is a staple. If you are not sure what star system, energy or angelic wishes to reach out this is the service for you. 


ANGEL GUIDANCE - to order click here

Angelic guidance is brought thru for those who are aligned with the ten plus two and who are part of the unfolding of the 144,000.  How do you know that you are part of this? you will be drawn to angels, to Christ and to prophecy in its various forms.  These are clues that HEAVEN in TRUTH wishes to talk further with you.  It will have been woven into your general human life experience.  Guidance is often brought thru at times of major transformation and movement within HEAVEN in TRUTH in relation to prophecy, end of times and rebirth of humanity.