As we walk the expansion in TRUTH journey we are often side tracked by the various past life experiences that come to the fore. Lucifer is well aware of the intensity of these experiences and how they can effect the timeline and reality that we are working in NOW.  Those who have a very dense frequency and who have been parents, siblings and even spouses in other timelines will be placed upon our path in order to distract and to prevent us from continuing on said path. It cannot be underestimated the strength of the connection that presents itself at a waking human everyday life experience level. 

As humanity are conditioned heavily to rely on their human eyes and their logical mind we can become embedded in conversations, relationships and friendships that work against us but which are presenting as other than this in TRUTH. 

As this is a deliberate ploy by Lucifer to attempt to fragment the expansion in TRUTH process it is strongly opposed by our Creator YHWY and we may find ourselves at an impasse where we are trying to understand the outer waking reality but it keeps blinding us.  We require to dissolve ALL, ANY and EVERY previous life timeline as it is part and parcel of the old earth construct/matrix itself. View it as a broken mirror, we would not hang a broken mirror on our wall and leave it there, we would destroy the beauty of the room, so it is with all, any and every past life experience, it is not TRUTH no matter how familiar it feels to us. 

The SILVER Flame is a GIFT from our Creator YHWY, a frequency that is akin to a spiritual solar flare that burns off the frequency that is wrapped around us in relation to past life experience in this our human physical form. Dissolving fully the frequency that is bound around us allows for vast movement and a resetting of the outer waking reality in TRUTH. This sees holding patterns severed, relationships that are hurtful and damaging dissolved and relationships that are prevented from unfolding due to the this frequency begin to blossom fully. 

The meditation that can be ordered below is created thru Karen and is offered as the starting point for that which will begin to reveal itself in TRUTH as you begin to work with the angelic realm which oversees this FLAME in TRUTH. The old earth construct/matrix has various gatekeepers that seek to protect the old earth construct/matrix itself, the SILVER Flame breaks thru this and allows us to bypass the gatekeepers silently whilst fully protected by our surrender IN Christ and fully in the Grace of our Creator YHWY.  This sees a gentle ripple thru our outer waking life experience that allows for us to walk where beforehand there may have been vast disagreement and even all out emotional war. 

To work with the SILVER FLAME and to activate this level of frequency please order a one to one session with Karen, further information can be found HERE