It is vital that we understand the differing "layers" of the outer waking reality that appear to our human naked eye as a solid reality thru which we physically walk. The term 3D is very misleading and has been referenced by science as viewing the outer waking reality thru each physical eye that overlaps and gives a solid 3 dimensional view.  This hides the various layers that are so thin that we miss them when we accept this referencing.  There is information in EACH layer of the dimensional structure layers and we miss them as soon as the eye blinks. 

When we work from the deep heart space we are given access to the different dimensional layers and are able to remove that which is hiding in plain view.  We can use the example of subliminal messages to help us understand this easier. Many years ago cinemas ran an experiment where for a split second a picture was inserted into the frames of the adverts that were running on screen in an attempt to manipulation those who viewed said adverts into purchasing.  It was found that sales of the items in the image that was inserted increased when these adverts were shown and it is officially banned in advertising to use this method of visual imagery. However we can see from the results of the experiment that the information albeit it lasted one frame was absorbed and ACTED UPON by those who viewed it. 

Now scale this up to the entire human life experience and we can begin to understand the manipulation that we are subject to but are also blind to.  When we work with Skull MATRIX ONE we will be guided thru these "layers", and we will be fully protected in our removal of that which sits there and which will continue to manipulate until taken out.