There is a subliminal coding that sits deep within the human physical vehicle psyche that works to protect the frequency bandwidths that are at the very foundation of our human life experience. These are hidden because they are ANCESTRAL in their origin.  Each time a baby is created thru the ANCESTRAL lineage line the coding is passed on. This coding comes ONLY THRU THE MOTHER LINE and not the paternal line and this must be understood in context. 

Humanity are conditioned to view "mother" as passive and something that is nurturing but it is anything but. Within the human race the female is PREDATORY BY NATURE.  This nature is not natural, it is an implanted coding which protects the dimensional space referenced as "earth".  In lay-mans terms the human race are coded to protect their captive space.  The Old Earth Matrix has attempted to ensure that humanity as a whole defend it. We can see this is the very distorted teachings around "mother earth" and protecting our "planet". 

As the Old Earth Matrix begins to crumble humanity will go out of its way to try to save and defend the very jailor to its existence. We must always remove all,any and every coding that we have inherited thru the human physical vehicle that we have incarnated into. If we do not address this then our human physical vehicle will work against our SPIRIT in TRUTH, we would be faced with a home invasion that is the invasion of our human physical vehicle. This is not TRUTH and is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH and we will find ourselves heavily opposed when we default to behavior that is actively damaging to our Creation Purpose in TRUTH.