When we are dealing with multi - dimensional matrices we are dealing with that which we are conditioned in this our human physical form to accept as "karmic timelines".  These are the timelines in which we are heavily influenced and heavily guarded in relation to those who are within our everyday human life experience.  These matrices are akin to fortresses for without them the Old Earth Matrix could not grow and harvest the extreme emotional distress in relation to that which we are conditioned to accept as "love" within the Old Earth Matrix.

We require both protection and support from the Skull Collective in respect of these planes because they trigger INTENSE emotion.  When we feel like we have "known" someone forever when we have just met or when we have repetitive patterns of behavior from generation to generation within families we are connected to these matrices.  

The "twin flame" distorted teaching that is fully supported by the Old Earth Matrix is tied to these matrices.  There is more than one "twin flame" pairing and those who interact and begin these journeys will often feel overwhelmed by the sheer force of the emotional debris that they begin to unleash.  This blinds them to that which is actually unfolding and can stop any further expansion occurring as the flood drowns the seeker.